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Comment What i played recently (Score 0) 62862

So two weeks ago I bought Wing Commander 3 on Amazon.co.uk marketplace, and it came complete w/ big box in good condition and all manuals, reference cards and such. Six booklets in total + two leaflets, not like modern games which come in shitty DVD cases w/o anything

I completed the game in two days on medium difficulty even though i had to use the keyboard (I haven't had a joystick in 14 years).

I liked the FMV sequences and the story was decent. It wasn't a a leftist-liberal morality tale like its sequel Wing Commander 4, and you get to kill evil cat aliens instead of transhumanist space nazis. Evil cat aliens were what made Wing Commander 1-3 great.

I didn't like that Hobbes turned out to be evil (spoiler!). He was one of the best characters in WC2.

Comment Re:facts and events (Score 0) 62862

ok i tried the two other drivers but they don't work on windows 7 unfortunately. there is also something called Hubi's Something-or-other but iirc that one doesn't even work on XP.

i also tried some soundfonts, Weeds is the best overall yet. Tie Fighter in-flight music and Doom E1M8 with Weeds = epic.

also it looks like which soundfont i use influences when i get these feedback loops.

Comment Re:facts and events (Score 0) 62862

thank you, that's exactly the kind of thing i was looking for, no more "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth".

only problem is in some games when i press ESC to skip certain intros/cutscenes LoopBe complains about a MIDI input/output feedback loop and mutes itself, then I have to manually unmute it again.

also i need to find more sound fonts. currently i have ChoriumRevA which works well for Tie Fighter.

Comment Re:facts and events (Score 0) 62862

do you know if your new sound card or other Asus Xonars come with MIDI support, would be very useful for Dosbox and old games. Soundblaster X-fi cards apparently still have it, but i'm not sure if i want to buy from that company again after reading about their terrible driver support and business practices (also: lol @ share price).

Comment Re:facts and events (Score 0) 62862

wing commander 2 and syndicate are great, the other two i thought were kind of awkward. i always had 600+ kb of conventional memory, even with cdrom drivers loaded, due to the power of Memmaker and various tips from pc magazines.

i have had one sound card in my whole life, a cheap Soundblaster 16 Vibra (ISA) which I used in three PCs from ~1995 until 2003. since then i have only had onboard audio. i have been thinking about getting an actual sound card again, but apparently soundblasters aren't so good anymore and they're overpriced, so if do buy one it will probably be an Asus Xonar of some kind.

Comment Re:facts and events (Score 0) 62862

it's about ownership and being able to touch something. it's about power and control. also authenticity. downloading and having a mass of stupid old files on your hard drive = lame.

Comment Re:facts and events (Score 0) 62862

for psychological reasons i don't torrent games and movies anymore, i buy them from ebay or amazon (marketplace). owning a physical cdrom just feels much better. then i emulate everything using dosbox, scummvm, uae or bochs. i don't use gog/steam/random appstore either.

i think you see where i'm going with this.

privateer 2 was great until the middle of the game when it became too difficult and i always got swarmed by enemies with no way to escape. iirc my copy of privateer 2 came with both dos and win95 executables. tie fighter was also great but then george lucas happened.

outpost had an interesting concept but they cut 1/3 of the features that were mentioned on the box and in the manual, then added them two years later with a patch (which i couldn't get because we had no internet in 1996). even if you patch it it's still buggy and has a shitty win 3.x interface and nothing ever happens.

i wish they would make more lemmings and simcity games. also space 4x/flight sim/trading games.

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