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Comment Re:yes its me (Score 0) 62854

Oh, well I played dott yesterday.. was good.. might do maniac mansion sometime..never bothered playing it before... looked too old and gay..

Would you recommend loom ? and what about myst? I'm gonna look for return to zork too.. it was a bit shit but I played it through so might be worth doing again for lulz..

Tell me more about these mid90s games you obtained.

Comment Re:yes its me (Score 0) 62854

I'd love to. Recently I have been thinking about replaying mi 1 and 2 (original versions as that's all i have) and this thread pushed me over the sat aft I did somi and sun aft i did mi2.. somi was no problem.. i could remember a lot of the puzzles...but mi2 i got stuck on a couple of times... jojo on the pump how are you meant to work that out lol...

might get the special editions if theyre cheap.. would you recommend them? im a bit apprehensive as although new graphics might be good... having voices would be strange...i turned voices off on curse because it just didnt suit guybrush..

also might do dott this sat, perhaps sam n max htr too.. i think i have full throttle somewhere too

Comment Re:202721 too witty for /. (Score 0) 62854

I think you'll find I can't post anonymously.

(Logged in I don't get the option because of aewsome karma, and not logged in because of my shit posting from the subnet)

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