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Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 92

Players are balking at a $10 investment on something that may suck, particularly when people are telling us it sucks.

Nobody wants pay as you go, that is bullshit.

It's not a pay as you go game though. It's a one time fee for the complete game. I know it's hard to fathom. I've become so jaded by the modern microtransaction model of games that i didn't understand what Nintendo was selling me when the buy screen first showed up. I thought their proposition was i would pay $10 for each boss level or something.

After a while, i realized that this was actually just an old fashioned free demo. Since i've actually bemoaned the death of the free demo (all modern games are either micropayment dependent or prepurchase), i suddenly felt obliged to purchase it. Also, i spent way more on Rogue One. Since i found myself entertained by replaying the levels for all the special coins, and felt that in doing so i was actually experiencing solid mario gameplay, i bought it. I quite like the game.

Comment Re:My Heart and my head (Score 1) 492

My head says... that's a violation of privacy expectations.

The question i grapple with is was a crime committed? generally a tweet can at best be really insulting. This seems like a deliberate physical attack intended to inflict harm. in the case of insulting someone from the safety of anonymity, that's not grounds for unmasking someone. if it's actually a physical attack, people commit all kinds of crimes with ski masks on. society up to this point has felt ok with violating their privacy expectations.

Comment Re:sounds bad. is it? (Score 1) 383

yeah. It almost sounds like overengineering if we are trying to make the cars view the world exactly as we do. why waste computational resources trying to decide if a line on the road means something in this context when it can simply be really good at identifying things to not hit?

that said, i'm not convinced that's uber's logic in this. I kinda think they are thinking more along the lines of build an autonomous car on the cheap.

Comment sounds bad. is it? (Score 1) 383

While this doesn't instill a lot of confidence in uber's system, i wonder if this is really the standard to hold self driving cars to. Our traffic rules are built with the faults of human drivers in mind. Humans have more blind area than vision so we make rules like, Don't cross into this lane ever, or Don't go when the light is this color. Do these rules ultimately need to apply to autonomous cars? A part of me has more faith that a robot with 360 degree vision and lidar can make a better judgement call [than a human] on when a red light can be ran or a bike lane can be traversed.

They certainly need to be predictable as long as there are human drivers alongside them, but is knowing where all the bike lanes are required if we can show that the car would detect and avoid cyclists and people100% of the time anyway?

Comment Re:It's always cost (Score 1) 274

i have made stuff. i've made useful stuff. i've made stuff i designed myself for my own purposes. I've never needed my own printer though. Everything i've printed, i've sent out to places like shapeways. The difference in quality between a home printer and a kick ass professional printer is huge. if anyone cares about making stuff, they wouldn't waste the money on a toy that just makes chunky blobs of melted plastic.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 1) 598

Oh geez that seems like a horrible idea. Seems better to get rid of daylight savings and deal with the fact that light is different at different times of the year.

People deal with it in the arctic circle. I suppose if polar bears are coming into town, the fact that it's darker at 3pm than it was 3 months ago is the least of your concerns.

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