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Comment The theatre experience is dying james. (Score 2) 325

20 years ago it was cool. There's new things now. People get more jazzed about the experience of showing up at a pokemon gym and finding hundreds of others there.

Pokemon, as lame as it is, is honestly a superior experience. You show up. There's a bunch of people there who you share an interest with. You can talk, or you can just leave if they annoy you. It's like all the good parts of going to a movie without the overhead of feeling trapped with these annoying people because you paid good money to be there. It also doesn't come with the risk that the movie will be crap and you'd rather just have it on in the background while you did something you want to do.

Comment an army of superhumans! (Score 4, Funny) 117

I hear they are also equipping the troops with other super human abilities. The technology uses advanced materials to protect the soldier's feet and lower leg from damaging temperatures and surfaces that would injure a normal human foot while still allowing the user to sense when they are standing on the ground. This advanced superhuman enhancement is definitely not just called boots.

Comment Re:The car wasn't pulled (Score 1) 130

the misleading part is describing the robots as ants. This evokes images of hexapod robots straining their tiny feet. The video even shows such robots walking around. Those aren't the robots that did the towing though. the actual robots are just a winch glued to the floor. For all i know. the touted synchronization is nothing more than each robot blindly executing the same timeline of roll, glue, pull from one synchronized starting signal.

Granted, they are tiny winches powered by the LiOn batteries that i use in little helicopters and quad copters, and the glue is some magic stuff that can be engaged and disengaged at will by the robots. That's all incredible stuff. I was somehow let down by it though as i was expecting to see something even more incredible.

Comment Re:Where will the fresh cut grass come from? (Score 2) 120

hydroponics seems to be effective at growing a certain crop in berkeley. I bet you could grow it on mars as well. In fact, i think we can just go ahead and add that to the list of amazing benefits to this plant. not only does it cure everything, it enables us to live on mars!

Comment maybe the tests need to change (Score 1) 394

According to ray kurzweil, we are going to have memory nanites injected into our brains next year! The singularity is coming in 2 years. I'm not as optimistic as ray, but it does seem like the tech to look up the entirety of human knowledge is eventually going to be inextricably linked to the human taking the test. We should probably start planning for that.

Maybe the skills of the future have more to do with using tech to access information than filling your head. I try to think things through for myself, but honestly i don't know why when the end result of someone just copying from stack overflow seems just as good as my result. looking shit up and copying it is the skillset of the future.

What we probably need are tests that acknowledge that and students can't just come in armed with a list of answer indices, but actually have to dig around for the right information.

Comment Re:Cluster Fuck (Score 1) 401

Similarly, if Apple where to develop the tool and use it in-house, then there are brains in Cupertino that know how to defeat the protection. Think of insider threat, extortion, the increased attempts to break into Apples network, etc... Not to mention the requests from law enforcement to break into other phones.

Oh come on. apple is full of brains that know how to defeat the protection right now. They have always known. This has more to do with just having access to the right code signing certs than some epic level secret knowledge and coding skills.

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