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Comment Re:It's always cost (Score 1) 243

i have made stuff. i've made useful stuff. i've made stuff i designed myself for my own purposes. I've never needed my own printer though. Everything i've printed, i've sent out to places like shapeways. The difference in quality between a home printer and a kick ass professional printer is huge. if anyone cares about making stuff, they wouldn't waste the money on a toy that just makes chunky blobs of melted plastic.

Comment Re:Perhaps (Score 1) 598

Oh geez that seems like a horrible idea. Seems better to get rid of daylight savings and deal with the fact that light is different at different times of the year.

People deal with it in the arctic circle. I suppose if polar bears are coming into town, the fact that it's darker at 3pm than it was 3 months ago is the least of your concerns.

Comment Re:time to dial back the shill (Score 1) 299

did you ever consider this? in the scenarios you mention, perhaps the magsafe connector breaks away where a different connector would just subject various parts to undue stress. Sure, it's plugged in, but it's slowly dying in agony as you move around in bed.

Comment but i like it for the bad movies (Score 1) 181

I have always liked the B to D grade stuff netflix streams. Even terrible sci-fi and horror films will often have at least one interesting idea. I like to just put them on in the background while i code or game or something. If they get interesting, i'm like, "yeah! score! hidden gem!", if they suck, it's no big deal. It feels like i'm getting this content for almost free.

If a movie comes along that's so great it's going down as one of the best movies ever, I'll gladly buy a ticket for it. Then i've seen it. I don't need my netflix price to go up because they are licensing this stuff i've already seen.

Also, Luke Cage is good.

Comment Re:My recollection of Kindergarten, circa 1986 (Score 1) 228

I was in kindergarten in the mid '70s and i remember it was a big deal that i could read. It was just me and a couple other kids in this reading group. A couple times a week, we had to skip recess and do our advanced reading class instead. I don't think it affected me in any way, but i was bummed out about it.

When i entered first grade, the teacher gave us reading tests to separate us into different skill levels. I saw this as my chance to start over, threw the test, and told the teacher i couldn't read.

Ah. I got one blissful week of just being a normal kid. Then my mom found out and was furious. Back into the advanced reading group i went.

Comment absolutely (Score 1) 231

i figure it will take a long time for any probe to get anywhere. We'll probably be able to easily intercept it with our warp drives by the time we figure out if it's a good idea or not. in the meantime, we will feel like a cool space faring species.

Comment Re:Because they don't care (Score 1) 551

Yay, you can no longer listen to headphones at your desk and have your phone charging. Listen all day at the office, phone is dead for the walk home. GREAT Idea.

This is pretty much the best critique i've seen of this architecture.

It doesn't affect me though. I am already using bluetooth headphones at my desk. Still, you do point out a valid shortcoming.

Comment Re:It's because the game has no long term goals (Score 1) 194

i'm trying to get a gyarados before my brother-in-law. There is some entertainment in that.

My commute to and from work along the embarcadero in san francisco is loaded with the requisite magikarp. I go into the office a couple times a week, and had determined that I can collect enough over the course of a few weeks. That will beat my brother-in-law, but it is pretty disheartening to overhear groups of people discussing how they are evolving a gyarados a day over there.

it's pretty clear that there's no way to compete with the "masters".

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