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Comment Re: The Theater Experience (Score 1) 179

They renovated our local 20-plex and put those leather recliners in all the theaters.
The seats take up so much space they've effectively cut the number of seats nearly in half.
So now, in order to actually get tickets to the movie and time we want, we have to pre-order tickets online, which is more of a hassle since the theater chain's web developers are more focused on shiny rather than functional.

Haven't given up on them yet, but lately half the time it's "EUGH! Why bother..."

Comment This is capitalism killing you... (Score 1) 97

The story here, is that cellular providers are leaving you to die alone...

The feds have been pushing for more advanced cellular locator technology for many years now. That would include things like altimeters/pressure sensors in all new cell phones, so that in a high rise building they can at least tell which floor you are on. Or U-TDOA high-accuracy triangulating receivers on cell towers. Or even an E-911 location for cell phones on file, so emergency services will at least know your exact home address.

The big-4 cellular service providers pushed back hard against any such requirements, refusing on the grounds of making cell service slightly more expensive. Their excuses being that things like this WiFi location service will be an adequate alternative, and so FCC rules continue to get watered down. "T-Mobile said, is that the FCC should not require wireless carriers to meet the proposed guidelines, and that the agency should instead seek other ways to locate indoor 911 callers."

There are innumerable stories of people who died because emergency services couldn't get an accurate enough location to reach the victim in time. Numerous wrenching horror stories where operators listed to someone die over the phone while they waited around several minutes for an accurate enough GPS location to even find the right building. Never-mind locating the correct floor, let alone the exact apartment/condo/office/car/etc.

"an>estimated 10,000 Americans who will die this year because wireless companies donâ(TM)t transmit precise enough location data to 9-1-1 operators"

God help you if you are incapacitated by an emergency in such a location, and there doesn't happen to be any WiFi APs around to help Google and the first-responders locate you. Thanks to your service provider, the paramedics have much lower odds of finding you.

Comment Let's Get to Work (Score 1) 158

point of the matter is that Florida has a $677 million dollar industry fucking up a 82 B illion dollar industry.

And their environment.
And their citizens health.

That doesn't even make sense from a business standpoint, let alone the benefit of society.

But hey, at least the right politicians are getting that sweet bribery, er, lobbying.

Comment Re:I'm shopping for a phone now (Score 1) 526

My stereo has neither USB nor bluetooth, and damned if I'm gonna buy a new stereo with my new phone.

A bluetooth receiver costs all of $5... I've got a couple to retrofit otherwise decent (and expensive) older car stereos/entertainment systems. The sound quality of bluetooth in general is no match for hard-wired, but it's an option.

My concerns are much more practical... FM radio is a nice option to have in phones, and the headphone cord doubles as the antenna. Bluetooth obviously can't do that.

I also like the no-brainer ability to just plug in a cord and everything works... No navigating menus to select the device you want to send sound to.

I also flatly refuse to hassle with a bunch of different devices with separate batteries that need routine recharging. That's the only reason I don't carry around a bluetooth earpiece and keyboard with my phone... If they could both securely clip-on to my phone and have contacts allowing them to recharge their own batteries from my (larger) phone while not in-use, I'd love to have them. Until that happens, no go. My corded ear-buds (sitting in my bag for years) will be ready to go whenever I want with no maintenance.

Comment Re:Atrix (Score 3, Informative) 125

I'd like to see this with bluetooth instead of a dock so you can just leave the phone in your pocket. Not sure if the bandwidth would work though.

One of the big things the Lapdock provided was POWER to the phone... Can't get that if you leave your phone in your pocket.

And no, bluetooth doesn't provide remotely enough speed for screen updates... WiFi is faster, but still not realistically fast enough, and you'd have to lose your internet connectivity to use it that way. Not to mention your phone would be consuming a lot of power just to refresh the screen, instead of doing any useful work.

Comment Gets the history wrong (Score 3, Informative) 526

The headphone jack has worked for 50 years and it can work for another 50 more because it's universal.

50 years ago, most everyone's headphone jacks were 1/4" (6.35mm), and only monaural. They introduced 3.5mm (still mono) way back when, but almost nobody was using them until much more recently. When stereo was needed, two 3.5mm jacks/pins were used side-by-side. It was only more recently that 3-connector stereo jacks were introduced.

They also shrunk it again to 2.5mm, which was popular on dumb phones and 2-way radios, but that one didn't catch on too well. But you can just as easily say that sub-mini plug has been around for decades, so we should all be happy to use that...

And they added a 4th conductor, most often for video (but possibly for a microphone), but nobody agreed to a standard so the wiring is always incompatible between devices, and that didn't catch on very well, either.

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