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Comment Re:Theft is theft, but... (Score 1) 1010

Big difference. The 20oz bottle of 7Up is a product on display for sale that has a price printed on it.

This incident is more like getting a $200 fine or jail time after exiting the rest room at the Walmart, due to having
"stolen" $0.01 of water and sewage used by flushing the toilet, $0.07 of toilet paper flushed down the toilet, $0.03 of soap used to wash the hands:
all because you also dumped an extra half gallon bucket of horse poop down the potty, that came from your horse parked in the outside lot.

Except Walmart is required to provide public restrooms.

Don't use other people's plugs.

Submission + - Wikipedia outage (wikipedia.org)

shadoelord writes: ftw: Our servers are currently experiencing a technical problem. This is probably temporary and should be fixed soon. Please try again in a few minutes.

Comment Re:Fucking finally (Score 1) 135

>>>This does not happen with broadcast TV which delivers a gross bitrate of 30 Megabits every second and never overloads, regardless how many people are watching.

Wrong, American TV broadcast is max 19.39Mb/s, but you can't get near that, its closer to 18Mb/s. You can thank 8VSB for that.

Comment Re:Fucking finally (Score 1) 135

When talking about the super bowl, its easier to use multicast to handle high demand for a broadcast service. There is no reason to send the same packet of data addressed to each person.

High def broadcasts are generally around 12~14Mb/s MPEG-2 streams (inside the ~19Mb/s channel). Digital Cable has a higher bandwidth because of their choice in encoding (QAM vs 8VSB) and they can control the noise better than broadcast over the air. That being said, they want to fit as many services as possible, so many have made the switch to MPEG-4 (something you can't do with broadcast services because the A/65 spec specifically singled out MPEG-2 and no manufacture has incentive to put more silicon in their hardware than required).

Comment Re:The terrorists aren't even trying hard. (Score 3, Insightful) 379

I've argued this same point time and time again; the TSA and airlines are only worried about expensive planes and the buildings they could hit. Blowing up a security line at Atlanta's Hartsfield airport (busiest in the world) would cause unheard of levels of panic.

It would be an interesting 'art piece' to draw concentric rings around a random point in line to demonstrate "90% kill", "50% kill" zones.

Comment Its your fault... (Score 1) 597

Frankly, its your own fault if you don't take the time to exemplify yourself to your superiors. I've seen plenty of people sit silently on the sideline, complaining about how no one knows what they do (the occasional 'give me back my stapler'), and turning that into a negative atmosphere. I've tried sticking up for these people in the past, only to be told to mind my own business; and I took that to heart.

Comment Re:Precedent (Score 1) 646

Amazon isn't setting precedent if they are found in the wrong. They were not the proper legal authority to demand the book back. If I had bought a book from Borders and it turned out to be illegally sold, Borders couldn't break into my house to take the book back. What is worse is that Amazon basically entered (the E in B&E) and deleted the book and in the process ransacked & damaged other items.

The copy write owner can get back "damages" from Amazon in the amount of money it made selling the book illegally.

Comment Re:A simple answer (Score 1) 664

Where do you get that BLACK is full power in an NTSC signal? Any time I look at a scope for analog signals I see black as 7.5 IRE and white as 100 IRE.

One problem I always had to try and explain to the graphics guy was "Don't use black fonts on color backgrounds". They never understood that, or why they couldn't use pure white.

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