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Comment Obviously, . . . (Score 1) 1222

Ted Chiang's outstanding story morphed to the Big Screen, Arrival (with Amy Adams, Forest Whittaker, etc.) --- the all-time bestest! Also, although a bit dated, did like Supernova with James Spader, Angela Bassett, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Forster, and Robin Tunney (looking particularly hot). Aliens (the second one in that series) was also outstanding, and perfectly captured the small combat team experience in an impossible situation!

Comment Message already received loud and clear (Score 1) 285

"There's a surprising prediction for the next 15 years"

Wow! That's a shocker! Let's see now . . . Bank of America just built three new branches, full automated, no humans need apply --- Café X in San Fran is fully automated, no human barristas wanted --- Goldman Sachs used to employ 600 cash equity traders, but due to automation today only employs 2 --- Rolls Royce recently came out with an operating system for super container ships which requires no crew!

Comment Re:Locals preferred ? (Score 3, Interesting) 239

The federal regulation is that there can be NO oversight on the visa program --- that's right, it is illegal for the federal gov't to monitor the work visa program (see either the federal regs, or read Michelle Malkin's book, Sold Out --- and yes, I realize she is or was a conservative, but this book is definitely not in that realm).

Comment Well, maybe, it's dangerous? (Score 1) 391

Just read an excellent book titled, Campus Rape Frenzy --- detailing all the false allegations brought against college dudes by college women, and how their lives were really screwed up or destroyed as a result. While we've been reading about it in the news, to see the actual stories and numbers is really shocking.

Comment Only the best . . . (Score 1) 338

Hands down, the ultimate book to read this year regarding the economic meltdown and fraudclosure scam is David Dayen's brilliant book, Chain of Title --- also great, Jane Mayer's book, Dark Money, and for further elucidation on the JFK assassination, David Talbot's book, The Devil's Chessboard.

Would also recommend Evicted, by Matthew Desmond and Someone Is Hiding Something, by Richard Belzer.

Comment So WTF is the non-fake news, Einstein????? (Score 3, Insightful) 403

What is all this sudden bullcrap about "fake news" in a country where it is LEGAL to fictional ALL news (thanks to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation's multiple lawsuits in federal court) and where the Koch brothers are responsible for most of the "content" on NPR, and everything on PBS and Frontline?

I mean, WTF is all this Prof. Elizabeth Sindars/Merrimack College (WTF that is????) bullcrap about???? This is the Land of Fake News, and has been during my lifetime.

And now . . . for some Non-Fake News . . . .

Comment I'd like to take this opportunity . . . (Score 1) 204

. . . to mention something appropriate to this topic, namely Google, and other tech companies, and their hiring procedures.

We've been reading for years on, on this site and others, about the stringent interview/tests required for Google applicants (and I used to hear the same thing about Micro$oft, etc.), yet nothing brilliant has come out of that company beyond their search engine --- yes, they've purchased the occasional company and added its innovations to their arsenal, but nothing particularly creative has originated in-house.

We saw the same thing at Micro$oft, although having been a contractor off and on there, I can attest to very unmeritocratic and nespotistic hiring going on there, contrary to the publicized bullcrap ---- and no, I've never gotten an interview with them, regardless of the number of work-related bonuses they gave me, and I'm not unique in that regard, yet people of no account have received interviews based upon playing tennis or paddle ball with certain employees, or being related to others.

I see this article/posting as yet another example of what I'm stating.

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