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Submission + - Rumor: Microsoft's Xbox Next Spotted in Wild? (

BogenDorpher writes: "As we already know, Nintendo plans on unveiling its successor to the Wii at E3 which takes place in a month. But what about Microsoft? Apparently, sources are claiming that Microsoft's Xbox Next has been given to a few developers including an unidentified Electronic Arts studio for software development."

Submission + - Last major US record label is sold ( 1

jmanforever writes: "Several sites are reporting that Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik has agreed to buy Warner Music Group for $3.3 billion. The deal means that every one of the big four record label groups will be foreign owned.
Can the RIAA explain again why it is in the best interest of the United States to collect performance royalties from American radio stations and internet streaming sites, then send the money to Tokyo, Paris, London and now Moscow?"


Submission + - How to develop a webcam driver under Windows

ashanin writes: I have been a linux developer for sometime now and I have been asked to develop a windows based webcam server (which could stream MJPEGs on demand). I have been looking around in the web, and there are several technologies afloat — vfw, directshow, directx, wmi etc. What should I use? Also, is mingw a good alternative if I don't have to buy development software?

Submission + - AI learns to tell "that's what she said" jokes (

reillymj writes: The Office's Michael Scott is replaceable after all — with a computer. A new piece of software studies the relationships between words to figure out when a sentence or phrase could be the beginning of a "that's what she said" joke. Got the word "wet", "rod", or "hard" in a sentence? Watch out: immature AI humor is bound to follow.

Submission + - US legislature demands answers after PSN attack (

rev_media writes: "The US Congress, the United States' legislature for the federal government, has issued a letter to Sony requesting answers for a number of unanswered questions concerning last week's "outside intrusion" of the PlayStation Network.

The two-page letter is signed by Mary Bono Mack, Republican of California, who requests a reply by May 6 (Friday). Replies are requested for 13 questions."


Submission + - Airtime Goes Automatic for the People (

An anonymous reader writes: Airtime, the free, open source radio software, increased its feature set significantly in April and May with three releases in thirty days. The Airtime server software runs on Ubuntu Linux, Debian, and Redhat and multiple users can use the software to schedule radio shows remotely through any web browser.

It is developed by Sourcefabric, a Czech non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting quality journalism through open source software and tools. The latest release was Airtime 1.8.1 on May 3rd.


Submission + - I think Bill was surprised by my book (

doperative writes: Allen's profile at the forefront of the technology revolution has faded to become something of a spectre – present but only faintly visible. He has become the "other guy", the other founder of the most successful technology company in history, who shares Gates's fabulous riches but little of his recognition or standing on the world stage. And yet in Allen's telling of what happened in those first formative years, it was he, not Gates, who had all the truly visionary ideas. The title of the book alone speaks volumes: Idea Man

Submission + - Google's South Korean Offices Raided ( 1

lee1 writes: "The Seoul police raided Google’s office in Seoul, S. Korea today on suspicion that they have illegally collected users’ location data, without consent, for advertising purposes. Google claims to be cooperating with the investigation."

Submission + - New Angle on the War on Terror (

TaoPhoenix writes: The celebrations are slowing down. But Yahoo cautiously introduces an entirely new direction for the official discourse — "Frenemies". The rumblings for years "there's no way Bin Laden lasted this long without serious help" are true. The article asks the key question: "Why can't the United States just declare Pakistan a hostile enemy?" Then it treads lightly on the answer: "...(they have) the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world and a bitter ongoing fixation on the ambitions of neighboring rival India."

However, Bin Laden was the figurehead of the US decade long theme of "The Post 9-11 World". Are the reasons given enough to justify the costs, open and hidden, of that colossally expensive "War on Terror" campaign?


Submission + - Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series pre-order (

tabletnr writes: Samsung Sliding PC 7 Series is one of the upcoming devices working with the latest Intel platform – Oak Trail, which is based on Intel Atom Z670. And even though Samsung has not officially revealed the release date of this model, after the last press release made by Intel, it is expected that the sale will go in May (although originally planned in March).
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PlayStation controller pilots tiny quadrocopter (

dotarray writes: While the PlayStation Network remains down, and your thoughts keep drifting to the safety of your personal details, it’s understandable that you might be looking for something to distract you.

How about using that Bluetooth PlayStation controller to navigate a teeny tiny little quadrocopter? It’s not like you can use it for much else, these days


Submission + - Apple iMac gets Thunderbolt I/O, quad-core (

fergus07 writes: Apple's desktop lineup has typically pushed users requiring plenty of fast I/O towards the Mac Pro — but the latest iMac refresh has broken the tradition. Quad-core Sandy Bridge CPUs and faster ATI Radeon HD GPUs are welcomed, but it's the addition of Thunderbolt ports (one in the 21.5-inch and two in the 27-inch) that really ups the ante for a number of professional users.

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