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Comment How Many Factors? (Score 1) 63

This may seem like a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway.

When I count, I see the username and password as two factors. The factors, as I understand it, should be a combination of something you have (CAC, ATM card), know (username, password), and are (retina scan, fingerprint, voice pattern). Using that definition, username and password are two factors. It's quite possible to have a single factor, i.e. password only to log in on a device. A smart phone is a perfect example. You have your PIN, but no user name. On your computer, typically you have to put in your username (first factor) and your password (second factor). Adding a biometric like thumbprint, voice, retina, etc. would be an additional factor, making it three factor authentication.

Maybe I'm just being thick, or have completely misunderstood what's going on here with the naming, but this seems like they're looking at three factor authentication. Since initially writing this, after hitting the preview button, I've looked at the wikipedia page on 2FA/MFA/TFA and find the moniker to still be incorrect in this application.

Am I thinking too hard about this? Is it really simpler than I think it is? (Please be kind in your application of the clue bat.)

Comment CSR Racing (Score 1) 279

I started playing CSR Racing. It burns through a "tank" of fuel in 10 minutes, it's free, and as long as you have your headphones on, you look like you're really intently working on something.

To be clear, it's not a great game. It's still a short distraction and is fun for those few minutes.

My actual favorite, as in while I'm waiting for the "tank" to fill up again, is going for a walk. It sounds goofy, but I actually enjoy just walking out the front door to check the mail. I live in a warm climate so it's possible to do this any time of the year.

Comment It's a Magazine (Score 3, Informative) 1862

Unfortunately, TV and film have filled us with bad terminology. This is about a magazine. A clip is a completely different thing.

Magazines hold multiple rounds. They're typically enclosed for protection from dust and dirt, and are inserted into a firearm through a receiving slot. Magazines are used in semi-automatic pistols like your average Glock, Sig Sauer, Walther, etc. They're also used in rifles like the M-16 or AR-15.

Clips hold two rounds together in a belt fed weapon, like the M-60. They're typically fed from an ammunition box or other container. The clips are expelled after running through the weapon. The expulsion is similar to the way the brass casings are expelled. It's basically a small curved springy piece of metal holding two rounds together.

The names are not interchangeable. There's no such thing as a 30 round clip. It's a 30 round magazine.

Comment Re:burden of proof goes the other way (Score 2) 449

During takeoff and landing I want passenger attention focused on following instructions in the unlikely event of a problem, not zoning out with headphones stuck in their ears.

You have a few problems with this argument.

1. Headphones, or earplugs as you might call them when there's nothing playing through them, are very effective in helping you hear in a high noise situation, like a crashing aircraft with a hole in the skin.
2. Books and magazines are perfectly fine to be read during announcements, and are just as distracting as an e-reader/iPad/Kindle.

Also, there is not cumulative effect from the devices. One device causes just as much interference as 200. With typically triple-redundant (or more) systems on a commercial airliner, you're not in danger from an iPad being powered up on board. Just think how easy it would be for a terrorist to take over a plane. "Fly me to Cuba or I'l power up my iPhone!!!"

Comment Damn Weasels (Score 0) 73

Someone please ask the pink weasels to stop farting. Actually, to be politically correct, just ask all the weasels to stop farting. No need to single out the pink ones.

And to that, weasels are just people who fart on airplanes and look around at their neighbor to seemingly accuse them of having let it go. I didn't do it!!

Comment Re:Great idea, but improve driver training (Score 1) 1173

I was scanning through this thread to see if anyone would post the comment I wanted to make. I can finally stop scanning the thread.

I really wish, being from Germany, the people in the US, where I live now, had a tenth of the knowledge about driving we do in Germany. The driver education in the US is a complete joke.

Use a turn signal.
Turn off your turn signal when you're done with the maneuver
Accelerate (or decelerate) to the speed of the traffic you're attempting to merge with.
Stay in the right lane unless you're actively passing someone.
Vehicles on the right at an uncontrolled intersection have the right of way.
Traffic circles are the exception to the vehicle on the right rule.
Come to a complete stop at a stop sign before proceeding, or at a red light before proceeding right or left where allowed.

Those simple rules are ones I see broken here due to sheer laziness and ignorance. A marked police car behind someone will greatly improve the majority of those infractions. It's very frustrating for someone who came from another country where driver training is so highly regarded. If I were to see a single day where everyone followed these simple rules, I think I would actually find it pleasurable to drive here.

Comment Ain't That A Shame (Score 2) 494

To borrow a line from Fats Domino, ain't that a shame that /.ers can't find anything better to do than slam Apple's success. Not too long ago, Apple was as doomed as BSD.

Apple Enterprise does exist. It's much smaller than Apple Education, but it's not exactly tiny. Sure, the territories are quite vast, but it appears they're covering it very well. Between channel sales and direct, the numbers being put down by Apple are quite impressive. I'd guess the majority of the bump here is from the channel. That part of the organization is well funded and extremely well supported. The management there is strong and willing to do what it takes. The direct sales organization is newly reorganized as of about a year ago. It appears that reorganization is doing well under the new leadership, and they have been aligned under the VP for channel sales. This was obviously a good move for Apple.

As for Enterprise Support, it also exists. I don't know a lot about the structure of it, but I do know whenever I called for support, it was very good. I've had changes made to software, replacement hardware, and always a friendly and knowledgeable person on the phone instead of just a screen reader. Apple's support is impressive. You have to pay for it, but most good things are that way.

Comment Double? (Score 1) 199

So if I understand this correctly, the scanners don't expose you to more than you'd normally get in a day. However, it does it in 10 seconds or less.

To put this in perspective, if I shower for 10 minutes on average, and I find a machine that can blast the water at me in 1/1000th of a second would be good? I think I'd be missing skin among other things.

How about the fact that I've now doubled the normal radiation in just 10 seconds? If I have to go out to another terminal in an airport where the terminals aren't connected (like many of my connections through Logan), I now get triple? If I fly back in the same day, add at least two more hits.

Going through these things doesn't keep the normal radiation from happening, so you end up with twice as much. It seems this might be a less than good thing.

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