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Comment Re:What about in a accident? (Score 2) 114

A quick google will show dozens of videos of people trying to break glass out of car windows using hammers. It's clearly not as easy as you seem to think, nor is breakable glass considered to be a safety feature. Sure there may be a few edge cases where it might come in 'handy', but overall it's better to have stronger glass than weaker, not even by a little bit.

Comment Re:Propaganda (Score 1) 119

Of course, everyone is shitty to some degree. But this is exactly what the Russian trolls are using to muddy the waters. Oh so somebody in Ukraine renamed a street? Well RUSSIA INVADED AND OCCUPIED part of the country and is responsible for THOUSANDS DEAD AND MILLIONS DISPLACED. So we're totally even right?

Like, it's not nearly remotely the same. But they'll stick in every discussion about Ukraine/Georgia/Syria and try to confuse the situation. It works so well that in real-life discussions people will claim that Ukraine is governed by literal Nazis, when the closet thing to them, the Right Sector, have exactly one seat in the parliament. Russia's LDPR, headed by this nutjob has 39 seats in Duma, for reference.

Hey, by the way, did you know the Czechs sterilized Roma women without consent?!?


Is Your Internet Connection Free From Bufferbloat? ( 147

Bufferbloat is that "undesirable latency that comes from a router or other network equipment buffering too much data," according to the site for an ongoing project trying to address it. Now long-time Slashdot reader mtaht writes:Inside the lede-project, two core new bufferbloat-fighting techniques are poised to enter the linux mainline kernel and thousands of routers -- the first being a fq-codel'd and airtime fair scheduler for wifi, and the second, the new "cake" qdisc, which outperforms fq_codel across the board for shaping inbound and outbound connections.
His submission ends with a question for Slashdot readers. "It's been nearly six years since the start of the bufferbloat project. Have you or has your ISP fixed your bufferbloat yet?"

Comment Re:I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 289

It's of course bad that (very few of) their phones catch fire, but meh.

Unless it is shown that they knew that there was a higher risk of fire and continued regardless, at worst it looks like they tried to make a better phone and messed up something that would've been very difficult to catch in testing as it occurs with very low frequency. Samsung recalled the device and issued refunds or replacements, so I think it was pretty reasonably handled.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == mental illness (Score 1) 789

The guy that is the leading contender for Trumps 'national security advisor' which is arguably a major position of trust is perhaps the most notable of many Republican leaders who pushed this story and even claimed that it would end in an prosecution. This is common knowledge that anyone who has followed this story has seen, yet you choose to ignore it. In fact Flynn's son (been called his 'chief of staff') has even recently doubled down on that very statement. The simple fact is that you and other republicans have chosen to ignore the party leadership's direct complicity in spreading these dangerous lies.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == mental illness (Score 1) 789

Sure, but only if you in turn 'accept responsibility' for the kid who shot up a black church, or the other that shot up a school, or the others that shot up another school, or that other one. Or the dozens and dozens of times every day that the GOP has lead America in the gun culture which hands dangerous weapons to unstable people. Oh, wait, right wing lunatics only talk about 'personal responsibility' when pointing at other people.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

Why do you assume either of us are Apple fanboys? Can't we just be facts fanboys? You tried to correct someone with wrong information and in a pretty condescending manner at that. I just pointed that out and provided a refernce which clearly explained the ruling and why you were wrong.

Maybe "stop breathing" was too aggressive, how about "stop posting" instead :P

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 20

Samsung HQ raided? It must be Wednesday!

Also I think calling Korea one of the most corrupt countries is really exaggerating it when the world outside of Western Europe and North America exists. It's similar to Spain and Czech Republic, better than Italy and waay better than most of everything else.

But really the whole situation is much more interesting than the company having a slush fund for bribes. An old friend of the president is accused of running a cult and influencing the president among other stuff. It's really bizarre:

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

That's really misrepresenting that situation, and you should know better before correcting people like that.

Apple was following the Irish taxation rules and did not break any laws. What EU is claiming is that the tax regime constituted to state-aid which favored Apple and other companies. Not only Apple, but Ireland (and the US) disagrees about this and are appealing.

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