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Comment Re:Doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 58

That's why I think that a fair amount of money that Kim Dotcom's Megaupload made was legit.

>99% of those people who wanted free stuff wouldn't have paid him. And they might even be running ad blockers. In contrast I can imagine employees of organizations signing up for paid accounts to transfer large files to customers. I used it to transfer large (legit) files. Didn't go for the paid account- the downloaders could wait - wasn't a business thing. If I needed it for business I might have expensed it.

Comment Re:Don't most games do this... (Score 2) 170

Human newbies have a ton of context to determine what's success in the game. I think you're the one who seems to expect a Doom bot to have solved all of AI forever.

This appears to be a significant improvement over something like Breakout or even Mario, and just because it was partially supervised, doesn't make it less of a progress.


Amazon Looking To Abandon UPS, FedEx In Favor of Its Own Delivery Service ( 239

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A report by The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon is building its own shipping service to replace FedEx and UPS, giving it more control over its packages and possibly allowing it to ship packages from other retailers. Amazon has said its own delivery services would be meant to increase its capacity during busier times of the year, like the upcoming holiday season. However, "current and former Amazon managers and business partners" claim that the company's plans are bigger than that. The initiative dubbed "Consume the City" will eventually let Amazon "haul and deliver" its own packages and those of other retailers and consumers. That delivery network would also directly compete with the likes of UPS and FedEx. It makes sense that Amazon would want to sell, ship, and deliver orders on its own. The report estimates that the company spent $11.5 billion on shipping just last year, amounting to 10.8 percent of sales. The shipping process is currently a bit convoluted: packages from Amazon warehouses get sent to one of two shipping routes, either FedEx or UPS, or to a sorting facility that lumps all packages with similar zip codes together. FedEx and UPS handle its shipments and deliver them to customers, while the packages at the sorting facilities either get delivered via USPS or by Amazon employees themselves. If Amazon were to have control over its shipments over longer distances, it's estimated that the company could save about $3 per package -- about $1.1 billion annually.

Comment Never gonna happen (Score 2) 375

I mean, yeah, he should, but it's never gonna happen. Obama's been going hardcore after whistleblowers and there's nothing indicating he would change his mind now.

No way either Hillary or Trump pardon him either, as they're too involved/sympathetic of state surveillance. Maybe Bernie, Johnson or the crazy green lady would, given the chance, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Comment Re: Inexcusable (Score 1) 157

>As a display technology engineer, I find it plausible that a hacker could use the overlay to display a simple image in place of the usual content or flash a 1x1 pixel region at full frame rate.

Well I'm not a display engineer like your or the parent, but yes, it's pretty obvious that if you modify the firmware responsible for the OSD, you could overlay goatse or something. That's annoying, but not really a huge issue, and as the other pointed out, at that point you'd be already fucked anyway.

Comment Re:Simply liability (Score 1) 59

Even though Boeing wasn't found liable, they still had to deal with the lawsuits. They have an army of lawyers for that, I'm sure, but this isn't something a smaller drone manufacturer wants to deal with. Plus, you never know how the lawsuits might end up. Someone could argue that the manufacturer (like Boeing in your story) should've spent $5 to offer to implement geofencing and save are children.

Then there's always the hordes of people completely outraged whenever a drone flies somewhere where they think they shouldn't, like in line of sight of an airplane or a park or their house. The less attention these incidents incur, the better - they already have to deal with retarded registration rules and what not, and they don't want to create a demand for more rules that would put people off the hobby.

Of course, I'm happy to fly a manual controlled quad that does whatever I tell it to do, and as long as this option is available, I don't mind the mainstream products being a bit crippled to keep idiots out of trouble.

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