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Comment Re:Saudi Arabia (Score 1) 183

Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

The entire Middle East is full of deplorables, including the land-swiping nation that starts with an "i". Is there something in the soil? Does oil, camels, sun, and/or sand trigger insanity?

The US tries to divide the regional players into "good guys" and "bad guys", but it seems there are no "good guys", just bad guys taking a break.
Iran is actually "stable" by the standards of the M.E. Most miss Saddam also. When it comes to the M.E., if it's only half-broke, don't fix it.

Comment Re:Another step toward tyeanny (Score 2) 249

yet there are very few tyrants around

Oh really? A good many were surprised by the Snowden revelations; and there's likely more snoopativity that we don't know about.

And Trump would record every sneeze and fart of all Muslims and illegal immigrants if he could.

The worse tyrants may be the stealth tyrants.

Comment GOP [Re: Immigration policy is not hate speech] (Score 1) 1040

The GOP after spending 2 decades refusing to do anything effective since Reagan left office, decided to have another hissy-fit over [immigration problems]

GOP has been playing a clever mind-game with voters that's mostly worked. One of GOP's most important constituents, business, want to keep the status quo of cheap workers who have no practical legal protection. Therefore companies pay (legally bribe) GOP to look the other way.

Further, one of the best ways to discourage illegal immigration is to audit businesses and their workers. However, business bribes politicians to avoid that solution also. Just focusing on the borders doesn't address the incentive problem. Trump has also barely mentioned business auditing.

However, GOP blames the problem on Democrats instead of themselves by emphasizing so-called sanctuary cities and O's refusal to summarily boot undocumented children and teens out. GOP gives the problem lip-service but not law-making service. (Sanctuary cities are a complicated issue; it's not just a matter of simply "enforcing" the law, as GOP implies.)

GOP had the ideal opportunity under W to pass comprehensive immigration legislation because they controlled both houses. But, they punted.

Even Ann Coulter called out the GOP on these behaviors, in addition to Democrats. I will agree, however, that both parties are at fault for sitting on the issue and making excuses. Trump may better address the border issue, but still seems to ignore the biz auditing side.

Comment Re:Given my experience with Seagate drives (Score 2) 106

Our org purchased a box of 8 external Seagate drives to distribute to various staff members. All 8 failed within about 2 years. I suspect there was a broken or defective manufacturing tool in place the day they were made.

To be fair, that probably happens to every product every now and then, and our bad experience is not a statistically useful sample size.

But on a gut level I now avoid Seagate. Assuming the published benchmarks and reliability surveys are reasonably accurate, my avoidance is probably not rational, but it's hard not to personally value direct experience over publications. I would guestimate there's a roughly 10% chance the publications are wrong or bribed, and that 10% is perhaps enough to claim I have a rational reason to value personal experience over the publications and avoid Seagate.

As far as a direct cloud connection, I don't believe that's the job of a "dumb" device. Even if it's optional, how can I tell it's really "off" and not sending due to a hack or flaw?

And, how do they update the software if a hole is found? It's a similar problem for most IOT devices that hasn't been worked out systematically yet. It's a full fledged computer connecting to the Internet inside with all the trappings of a full fledged computer connecting to the Internet.

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