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Comment Re:Not this again [running random strings in Perl] (Score 1) 40

"False" per "Every string parses as valid code in Perl."

I was mostly joking, as the emoticon apparently failed to show. Still, Perl is very "flexible" that way compared to most languages.

Put another way, if a hyper toddler or an angry President randomly bashed around the keyboard, the probability of the results "running" without explicit errors are probably higher in Perl than other common languages.

I've heard this called the "angry monkey metric" by some.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 323

[compare to] Obama's failing to close Guantanamo for eight years

That's arguably different because enough Democrats also apposed him, often on the grounds of NIMBY per custody facilities. All Republicans want ACA replaced, they just don't agree on what the replacement should look like*.

And O did pass ACA and the stimulus package. T has signed no bill of significance so far except telecom URL snooping. Granted, it's still early in T's term, but GOP is divided on his other plans also.

* Actually, there's no free HC lunch: GOP will have to throw some demographics under the bus to make HC cheaper for others.

Comment McAfee! = SlowCafee (Score 3, Insightful) 168

McAfee slows and jams up lots of stuff at our org.

The cyber security team has used very aggressive McAfee settings. The security manager gets awards for security, but there is no anti-award for jamming productivity to counter. Thus, his incentive is to crank McAfee to 11. Productivity is somebody else's problem.

For example, McAfee is set to On Access scanning on every desktop and server, meaning it scans almost every file accessed. Java "compressed" files, such as JAR's take forever to de-compress and scan, often more than 2 minutes. Thus, anything that uses Java as its engine is almost useless.

One can request such files be white-listed on a case-by-case basis, but the security team is too bogged down to get to them in a timely manner, and they often use a narrow interpretation "to be safe" such that they miss some files, requiring multiple rounds of requests to get such apps use-able.

McAfee's scan logs don't give enough info to be useful for up-front white-listing. Most users stopped bothering and just avoid using Java-based apps, paying for the more expensive alternatives. They blame Java instead of McAfee because they don't know the difference. (Arguably it could be said that large compressed libraries are a bad idea on Java's part. I hope they rid that feature. Or McAfee could make its scanners more Java-friendly.)

On a more general level, performance consultants have looked at our slow systems and concluded we should get PC's with SSD's instead of disks. But there's (allegedly) no budget for that, so even new PC's are disk-based and McAfee and On Access scanning gradually eats them up over time as typical Windows time-bloat piles up. Thus, we go through PC's faster, and in the end DON'T save money by using disks (productivity aside).

And lately they install more security doo-dads from other companies. They don't talk much about them to keep them stealthy. Those just add slugs on top of snails.

We joke we don't get hacked because our slow systems make the hackers fall asleep waiting for response. Security through Snoozativity.

I guess I shouldn't entirely blame the fastidious security manager because breaches could cause real havoc at our org. But, resources are not allocated to deal with the downsides of such fastidious cyber security. That's the top boss's fault.

Comment Re:Was this written by an algorithm? (Score 1) 102

The first rule of inventing stuff is to define specifically what exactly do you wish to achieve.

I have to partly disagree. Sometimes you have to experiment and road-test ideas. Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that being nimble based on customer feedback and market trends is important.

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