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Comment Kim needs a Piggie Bank refill (Score 1) 38

The only thing keeping him out of the US, and entrenched in NZ, is by being able to pay role a never ending cycle of court appeals.
That gets expensive. Really expensive.
Only this week I was thinking "haven't heard from Dotcom for a while, I wonder when he's going to launch his next venture to keep his legal fees being paid?"
Well there you go, he's done it again...

Comment Re:Absurd (Score 1) 251

No, it's pretty standard for a tech company. Car companies aren't just automobile makers anymore.
Software/hardware is becoming the key differentiator in that market place as there's nothing else remaining to differentiate product on.
Stock market valuations of 40x or 50x revenue are based on future value not present value.
We've been seeing this for decades on the NASDAQ.
Also just because you sell 10x more product it doesn't necessarily mean your profit, and bottom line, is going to be better either.
The smart phone market is a good example of this.

Comment Maria Helena Braga? (Score 0) 145

"..he has recently created a new fast charging solid-state battery.."
So be honest, who's the real inventor here?
You or Maria?

Not putting down your contribution, if it is Maria, as I'm sure your experience in the challenges of going from theory to consumer ready product, bringing a new battery to market, will be invaluable. I'm sure you had mentors too.
I've got 2 daughters (& 4 sons), I'd like to think that our civilisation is progressing enough to the point where gender doesn't preclude recognition for achievements.

Comment Steve Jobs was right about Flash. (Score 1) 90

I seem to remember Apple getting mauled in the media for refusing to allow flash on their new iPhone platform
So much so that Jobs wrote a open public letter to explain his reasons:
Thoughts on Flash Steve Jobs - April, 2010
In the context of the time, it was both brave (yes, I said it) and correct.
Why is anyone still hanging onto this legacy of a bygone technology era?

Comment NZ Herald is NOT a impartial observer (Score 2, Informative) 448

I've lived in NZ for a number of years now and I used to read the NZ Herald, and other publications in this group.
To say they are anti-Apple partisan is an understatement. It's just hateful bile, and industrial propaganda.
Any comments I posted under their articles were being either blocked or deleted if I said anything pro-Apple or contradicted their anti-Apple editorial.

Apple is a US company. Yes it sells into NZ and the NZ government collects the standard 15% on all Apple's sales.
I'm at a loss to understand why sales of $4.2B should be taxed for anything else but sales tax?

If NZ wants more money then they should look at imposing import tax on electronic goods.
Singling out a single company isn't right.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 65

You are confused about what swiss watches are for.

Hint: If a girl can't tell your knockoff from a real Rolex in a dark bar, it's serving its purpose. Apple watches don't address this. Get one that knocks off a better watch. ($3000? Who is that supposed to impress?).

You're hanging with the wrong sort of women my anonymous friend.
Can you tell a real girl from a fake in a dark bar I now wonder? ;)

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 65

Agreed. Swatch are a watch maker, not a software company.
I see a parallel in that between Nokia and Apple. Nokia were a mobile phone manufacturer, not a software company.
This announcement to me smacks of management going through the motions so that they don't look as bad as Nokia did when their market share diminishes.

I recently stuck a toe in the smart watch waters by buying a 2nd hand Apple Watch S1.
Got a stainless steel model for 1/4 of it's price new a year ago.
I was not convinced of the need for a smart watch, which seemed like a gimmick, and it was bought out of curiosity more than anything.
3 Weeks into wearing it and I can't remember were I put my beautiful $3,000 Swiss automatic. It's in a drawer somewhere.
I'm hooked, totally and utterly.
Even 2nd hand it looks as good as new and it's battery life is superb.
I expect the healthy 2nd hand Apple Watch market will do a fair bit of damage to the Swiss economy.

Comment Good. It levels the playing field on store ratings (Score 1) 149

If you publish on iTunes App store, as I do, you'll know that releasing a new version has the knock on effect of lowering your installs due to 2 things that happen on each new release:
1) iTunes App's have 2 ratings. An all time rating and a current version rating which goes to 0 on updates causing your app to lose popularity with installers.
2) iTunes keyword ranking is affected by current rating, not significantly, but enough to drop you a few places and 1/2 your installs until (1) improves again.
The App store is stagnating because of this. I see too many rivals who update every year or two. It creates complacency.
"Hot push" would have been for security reasons, which I'm all for. It does also have a nice side effect of preventing ratings gaming.
Apple's rumoured to be making App ratings more like Google Play in iOS 10.3.
I do hope so.

Comment Economic war (Score 2) 553

Remembering that the cold war was won by bankrupting the CCCP it makes me wonder if, assuming the rumours are true about Trump's strings being pulled by Putin, that their game plan is to destroy the American economy or weaken it.
Everything I've read about what Trumps has done, said or plans to do comes with a nasty long term economic cost.
Any other country would give their new borns to attract the worlds best minds to a "Bay Area", hot pot of technology star ups and world leaders.
Sure there's going to be plenty of abused H1B's but there's also going to be a heap of well deserved work visas which -smart- people won't be so keen on accepting in this current administration.
Cutting foreign aid, building walls, things that please those deluded enough to vote him in which will have a long term economic impact on the US and well as weakening it's world influence and power.
America's strength, which has given it world domination, has been it's economy and that's largely been driven by it's technology.
Pick a handful of American technological achievements and you'll find a large portion of them were created by immigrants not home born "presidential material".
Wake up America, your fucking yourself. Badly.

Comment Bad for the economy (Score 4, Insightful) 193

This shit can't be good for the US economy. Tourism and airlines will be most affected.
I live in NZ but I'm from the UK. I used to live in SF Bay and have friends there. So when flying home to the UK for a visit I would fly via SFO.
Not anymore. Even flying through the US without going into the country is like an Orwellian nightmare.
So I fly Emirates via Dubai. It's a damn shame as used to think of California as a 2nd home and loved visiting there.
I can't be alone in my boycotting.
The saddest thing is that modern America starting to look more and more like the old USSR.

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