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Comment Where does it end though? (Score 1) 299

I moved to NZ from Scotland 3 years ago, I live on a little 10 acre "lifestyle block" on the north island.
Coming from N.Europe it's weird seeing things like hedgehogs running around here.
Brought here by the europeans who wanted to terra form NZ into something almost recognisable as the place the left behind.
They brought just about everything from the British Isles, except the fox (thankfully).

I recently came across a nest of hedgehogs in my barn and I did some online research as I think I might have made the mother abandon the nest by discovering it.
Found Hedgehogrescue NZ

Now coming from Scotland I know that there was an attempt to eradicate them from the Hebrides as they were eating the native bird eggs.
So why would Kiwi's (NZ-ers) want to save Hedgehogs if the goal is to make NZ more like it was where the Kiwi bird can roam free and re-establish on the mainlands?

I'll go further, what about the domestic cat? If you get rid of the all the mice (& rats) what does the (large) population of wild domestic cats live off?
Wild pigs too? I could go on...

I'm all for the eradication of the NZ mosquitos. :)

Comment Deja vu (Score 2) 68

We saw this already in the US when Apple Pay was first launched.
It looks like a last ditch effort by that Aussie banking cartel to prevent Apple from giving the consumer a fast, safe & convenient customer experience WITHOUT handing over personal data for tracking purposes.
Not only did customers switch banks for Apple Pay they also stopped shopping at retailers who boycotted it.
It took a year before those who opposed it crumbled. I predict the same in Australia.
The consumer has all the real power here and voting with your wallet is still very effective.

This isn't about Apple. This is about data collection on consumers.
I only wish Apple would use their cash war chest to lobby more to get the necessary legislation to protect public privacy.

Comment Re:bad news for this guy (Score 1) 131

AAPL is, as I type, down by $0.28
Someone commented above Nerds are crappy at marketing analysis.
Well yes and also crappy at understanding the stock market.
Back in the day, when I worked at Cisco (in the 90's), I'd often get asked by my fellow engineers "why has the stock gone down when we beat expectations this quarter?"
Because you buy on the rumour and sell on the facts.
The market had anticipated a good quarter and had adjusted prior to the results today.
Now that those results have been confirmed there's the sell off and profiting on that safe bet
So this fool ain't so foolish I think.

Comment Ranking of reviews is better (Score 1) 62

I started with iOS Apps and recently ported to Android. The review system is startlingly different.
  - iOS rating of an App is per country. Android are global and lumped together. I prefer this.
  - iOS has 2 ratings. Current version rating and all time rating. I hate this as it's actually stifling innovation on the App Store. Why? Because the keyword search rankings are affected by current version rating. So if you submit a new version of your App it resets to zero and your App falls in ranking as do install numbers. What you end up with is a top 10 (no one ever looks beyond there) of complacent Apps that haven't had an update in a couple of years.
  - Android reviews can be "liked" or marked as "Unhelpful, Inappropriate, Spam" by other users. This seems to affect what reviews appear at the top of the list, it's not strictly chronological. This I like a lot. I'd like to see reviews up rated or down rated by other reviewers too lazy to write their own but happy to back up others. This way a developer can see interest level in a requested new feature. Talking to non-techie Android using friends I discovered none of them even knew they could do this with reviews. So it could be improve a lot. Hiding the "Unhelpful, Inappropriate, Spam" under the vertical ellipsis button doesn't help.
Yes, Play's App review system is superior. It could be better.
I'm hoping Apple's doing a lot more than just allowing feedback from developers which doesn't really help us dealing with "you're are a-hole for not giving me the god damn app 100% free with no f-ing Ads" kind of reviews which too often makes me feel like an ant being tortured by a child with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Last month I responded to those reviews with "Happy holidays, hope you have a wonderful 2017". What else can you say?

Comment Propaganda (Score 1) 154

In other news: OPEC cuts oil output for first time in 8 years and oil prices rise.
Don't forget that the reason people use diesel cars is that they are significantly more fuel efficient that petrol cars.

Diesel cars have been getting a real bashing over the last year or so. (e.g. VW emissions scandal)
I have question; why, now, has diesel become the fuel of the devil for the ordinary man?
This article effectively says "Diesel good only for commercial vehicles, bad for consumer vehicles".
Bull. Shit.

It's like the other BS propaganda campaign currently being waged against sugar.
Sugar is the source of all 1st world poor health according to the media.
Sugar is "bad" for 2 reasons.
1) It's natural, tastes better and costs more than artificial sweeteners.
2) It can only be grown in certain climates/countries. e.g. Brazil.
The "BRIC" countries are currently under economic attack unless you haven't noticed.
Brazil was doing really well up until recently. It's economy is helped significantly by sugar.
"He's gone off topic, this isn't about diesel", your probably thinking about now.
No, Brazil uses sugar to make alcohol which you can buy and pump into your car at it's gas stations.
It's a fossil fuel replacement...

Comment Re:My app (Score 3, Interesting) 26

I had been writing Apps for iOS exclusively up until last September when I ported one of my Apps to Android to test the water there.
My Android App is identical to the iOS one with some Android native UI differences.
You can use the App (iOS or Android) with interstitial Ads or pay to remove them and get full functionality.
I get more installs of the Android App (10->30% more) but, at most, only 1/5 of the revenue from in-app upgrades to full version.
I also get some really awful reviews, on Google Play, from a minority who think everything should be free (including Ad free).
I enjoyed working with Java and writing the App even though Google's documentation is woefully out of date.
It's so easy to do updates which appear live on Play within hours of being compiled.
However I need to make a living and it just doesn't pay. Bottom line.
This week my sales, on iOS, have been phenomenal. Android has flat lined. Even declined.
That was my first and last Android App. For now...

Comment Well done Nintendo (Score 5, Interesting) 92

No, not sarcasm. I really mean it. Well done Nintendo. $10 is chicken feed. Seriously.
As an independent App developer I often feel like a sweat shop worker. Or a ant being tortured by a child with a magnifying glass.
You write an App, that people really like and want, but the shit you have to put up with because you don't give it away for FREE is soul destroying.
I've tried offering two options, pay for full function or use with interstitial Ads.
The 1 star ratings keep coming in with comments like "Remove those annoying Ads and I'll give you 5 stars".
Oh thanks. I can feed myself and family on your generous 5 star rating?

The App eco-system is probably the most under valued product market place in modern society.
People think nothing of chucking 99c at a street busker or homeless beggar but balk at the thought of handing over a penny for an App they really want.

Nintendo could have been more underhanded, like some other games who can afford big names and tv adverts, but they chose instead to offer a freemium product with a single purchase option and not try to milk you for millions.
The game might suck, but their business ethics and mentality are sound.
No doubt their strategy going forward is to offer discount days and other price promotions to increase the conversion ratio.
You can only do that though from starting with a premium price.

Thank you Nintendo for not going to the lowest price point and perpetuating what has become an industry trend that's slowly suffocating itself to death.

Comment You are what you eat. (Score 2) 278

I grew up on a farm, after 20 years of city life I've returned to farm living. I'm a meat eater, I milk my own cow, got egg laying hens, grow most of my own food etc.
That's just to frame what I'm about to say which might sound like I'm a vegan.

If you've actually looked at the state of the creatures you are either eating, or consuming by products from, you'll see some real misery.
It's horrible. As a kid we had battery hens and mass produced eggs in addition to cattle for beef/milk. Not something I'm proud of.

There's no scientific basis for what I'm about to suggest, flame away, but I'd rather eat of/from something that had a happy life than something that lived a short miserable existence.
Why? "You are what you eat".
I'd like to see research to see if there's a correlation between quality of life of our "food", and the mood and well being of the consumer.
It's just a suggestion, I make no claims that it eating "happy food", makes you happy.

Now given the state of mainstream farming today, and how industrialised it's become already, the thought of it becoming even more cold, automated and processed without any human compassion or thought involved is enough to make me consider to the tofu.

Comment The next big thing on smart phones. (Score 1) 333

I recently wrote an App for a company that's building AI models of organic and non-organic substances.
The App works over bluetooth with a pocket sized, battery powered, NIR spectrum analyser made by Texas Instruments.
TI DLP® NIRscan Nano

This technology will be the next big thing on smart phones which are crying out for something new to revitalise the market.
Pick a time frame. I'd go for 5->7 years from now that right next to the camera on all smart phones we'll see an NIR scanner.

Imagine being able to scan anything and get a report of it's contents and make up?
Fake, or out of date pharmaceuticals, will be a thing of the past.
Nut allergy? Scan the meal you've just be served before eating it.
Consumer products like Aloe Vera Gel not containing Aloe Vera? Your phone can tell you that it's a fraud.
The list of applications is endless.

Here's a demo video of the App identifying real and fake viagra pills.

Tricorder Trekkies? :)

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