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Comment What with this size thing Sony? (Score 1) 52

Is it just me or does Sony seem to have some sort of obsession with "size'?
Remembering the previous PS incarnations they've always been about the most pixels and power.
You'd have thought they'd learned their lesson back when Nintendo trumped them with a less powerful console, introducing Wii motion, focusing instead on user experience and not just eye candy and processor power.
It's just a shame Nintendo didn't do it again yesterday.

Comment Re:No MagSafe would be a step backwards (Score 1) 300

Thanks for the tip off. I've been thinking about it most of today, mostly wondering why Apple didn't do the same as the "BreakSafe" from Griffin.
I suspect it's down to Apple's design drive for simplicity.
Here on /. we're all technically adept but we often don't see things the way non-technical users do.
You only have to look through the comments on here to see a lot of negativity towards Apple.
Most of this comes from frustrations over the lack of "customisation" and perceived nannying.
What I think we techies forget is that Apple doesn't care about us, they have always focused on the non-technical consumers.
The ordinary users who couldn't care less about the difference between USB3 and USB-C.
Going back to the BreakSafe solution; it's probably too complicated for enough people to take their new mac into an Apple store complaining they can plug anything into it because there's no port.
Only for the staff to pull out the Breaksafe end stuck in the Mac and say "you plug your memory stick in here Sir" :-/
Remember the story about the support call from the guy claiming the coffee holder broke off his new deck top computer?
Turns out the "coffee holder" was the CD drive.

Comment No MagSafe would be a step backwards (Score 4, Interesting) 300

That would not be good. I've tripped over my power cable far too many times and been grateful for having Magsafe.
I had hoped Apple would find a way of continuing MagSafe with USB-C even though they didn't with the MacBook.
The only way I can envisage Apple keeping MagSafe with USB-C is to re-located it to the power brick end of the cable.
Feels like a big step backwards if they don't do something to retain one of the best psychical features of Mac laptops.

Comment Déjà vu (Score 2) 51

Insightful from Carmack. There's been a history of failed attempts in technology to "game change" focusing on the single human sense of vision.
More recently it was 3D TV's and movie theatres which, in hindsight, enjoyed what Carmack describes as "coasting on novelty".
The 3D movies I paid a premium to watch were cool for the first 5 minutes and then I forgot I was watching 3D as my focus shifted to the content.
A short lived novelty and not cheap. Content is king.
Going further back I think it's fascinating that everyone assumed that video phone calls would be the future (see "Bladerunner").
Yet here we are in the 21st century using text messaging as primary.
Preference for communication is the reverse of what everyone assumed. 1.Text messaging, 2.Voice call, 3.Video call
Keeping this in mind, while watching Zuckerberg playing with his new toy on his Facebook videos, I can't help but wonder if he's going to be very disappointed in the end at the uptake numbers.

Comment EM Drive -v ION drive = 1st space robot wars (Score 4, Interesting) 132

I'd like to see an EM Drive put into testing up there too (yes, yes, yes - I know it's defying the [known] laws of science. No reason not to test it in space since it seems to pass all tests on earth)

Hey maybe we could strap the ION Drive face-to-face with an EM Drive, throw them out the hatch and see who pushes who around!

Comment Re:Cisco is getting worse... (Score 5, Interesting) 145

One of the VP level Engineers (title is "distinguished" or something exalted like that) told me over lunch a couple of years ago that Chambers had said to him he wasn't interested in R&D. If there was a technology he needed, he'd buy it.
The problem is that Cisco climbed to the top using IBM strategies and thinking which were focus on delivering "end to end" solutions to customers.
They had no interest in box shipping. Those were just lego bricks and logistics. You can imagine how soul destroying that was to be a Cisco engineer.
Bugs were a bonus to them as they sold annual maintenance contracts for roughly the same cost as the gear they sold.
Now that the router/switch market has matured and commoditised they care even less about the quality of those boxes they have to ship.
Their focus is entirely on the "service" level.
They will eventually become another IBM. I was trying to think of a real tangible product that IBM made and sold just the other day. Do they?

Comment Head cover protest (Score 1) 145

This makes me wish I was still working for them in IOS Engineering for the opportunity just to stir some shit.
I'd have gone into the office on Monday morning with my head covered in tinfoil.
I use to get some good laughs in the Cisco office, I seem to be getting more on the outside these days.
Oh how the mighty have fallen....

Comment Market manipulation (Score 1) 87

I can't help but feel that this is nothing more than a attempt to undermine, short term, confidence in virtual currencies.
Otherwise known as "market manipulation".
Price goes down on some press announcement like this, somebody buys large, price rebounds. Somebody cashes in.

Comment Re:universal clipboard wtf (Score 3, Insightful) 202

That's what having separate user accounts is for.
There's no way I'd let my kids use anything that I was logged into.
Your just asking for disaster.

Airdrop has never worked well for me although hand off works very nicely.
Uni-Clip sounds good, in theory, although I've yet to try it out.
I'm still on El Capitan & iOS9 until the dust settles and the major bugs have been fixed.

Comment How your supply chain can build or destroy a brand (Score 2) 202

The question, that remains unanswered at the moment, is just how damaged is the Samsung Phone brand?
Is it on life support now after what just happened to a 6 year old NY-er?
As a parent I'm not keen on allowing any of my gang (7, 5, 3, & 6 mnths) to touch our smart phones, less so now.
This is where brand value and customer confidence in brand comes to the fore, when it threatens the safety of those who you protect.
Xmas time is going to be a tough one for Samsung and, for not paying attention to the quality and safety of supplied parts, they deserve it.
Which android brand will take their place?

Comment Re:I'll bet it's all Larry (Score 0) 156

I suspect Larry too.
I also suspect that there's an element of his close, late, friend Steve Jobs bitterness and declaration of war on Google in Larry's vendetta.

Putting personal vendetta's aside Google is getting too powerful, it's ability to manipulate information on a global scale for political motives is worrying.
Time for some transparency and/or regulation of Google and the online search industry.

Comment Not perfect but not "serious" (Score 2) 43

Read the paper.

Quote "Overall, our determination is that while iMessage’s end-to-end encryption protocol is an improvement over systems that use encryption on network traffic only (e.g., Google Hangouts), messages sent through iMessage may not be secure against sophisticated adversaries."

The attacker requires stolen TLS certificates or by gaining access to Apple's servers.
Serious? No. All systems are flawed in someway and are breakable to that extent.

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