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Comment Making themselves look bad (Score 2) 108

Now it would be stereotyping to direct the cheat intention at the Chinese... but the numerous occassions related to them is undeniable. First Lenovo, then other smaller fishes...

My propossal to this problem is: To ban the brands indefinitely from the US and to permanently bar all executives at those companies from entering the US. This way, they learn their lesson... corporations stealilng from consumers is a crime that should not go unpunished. Phucking cheaters!!!

Comment I thought Google is full of intelligent people? (Score 1) 236

If I provided my credit card to an account and made purchases with it... I will demand the reason for closing my account. That's a consumer right, a right that no provider is allowed to challenge... I dont give a damn about whatever policy Google has about "not discussing reason for closure". If they have such a policy, it's illegal and the stupid people that wrote the policy should not have a job for the rest of the life.

Comment Unethical (Score 1) 72

I asked the same question.....

Although my Y! account hasn't been in use for years and that would pose zero threat to me... I still asked the same question when I heard about the breach.... Why would such a large corporation do such a stupid thing? Now that they've been able to keep it under secrecy for two years, why announce it now?

Did Marissa think enforcing the password change now will some how fix something? The hackers had two years to go through every single piece of data... It doesn't matter if they enforce a password change now... the only difference this makes is that the entire upper management and the board look so stupid that after Y! goes bankrupt, none of them will ever get a management job anywhere else!!!

Comment Now that I look back (Score 1) 469

Several years ago when I thought the company I worked for was gonna go bankrupt... An old colleague of mine who already worked at Palantir got me an interview at this company. I was very grateful for my friend's introduction. He is a good friend.

I got through phone interviews just fine. But when I showed up for the team interview, I got through a few of the teammates just fine until I got to the last guy. He literally tried to derail me. He asked me a question that could have lots of answers (How do you troubleshoot a webserver's error 403). He chatted on his laptop at the same time... and kept saying "that's not it... try again" like several times.... and then he started laughing outloud with whoever on the chat with him.... I thought he was impolite.. but now it sounds more like deliberately not wanting me to pass.

I thought it was not necessary to continue with the interview, but I kept myself cool... I said I didn't have anymore to offer on the question... and we left things there. I left Palantir and got a "no go" result from HR. If the guy really tried to derail me just because I was Asian... he sure was a racist.

Comment Re:Not actually an example of irony. (Score 1) 97

Actually I dont give a damn what the purpose is... it's straight up theft and the phucking Chinese have been doing it in a recognized pattern...

Lenovo installs malware into its own computer in the same manner... they got blasted and now they removed it... XiaoPhuck installs a backdoor that can install anything else... same phucking stealing method... Other than stealing.. what did they "innovate"?

Comment Wrong stuff... wrong time!!! (Score 1) 63

Samsung has always been trying to beat apple's launch date to grab customers... but this time it blows up in their face because the recall is not timely enough and Apple has ordered an increase of their production to compensate for the delay on Samsung's side.

The ban only makes sense... I don't care if the phone has been replaced or not because passengers can simply lie and get on the plane, then blow the damn thing out of the sky. If you ask me... banning Note7 versus safety of few hundred passengers... my answer can be given anytime without hesitation.

Because Samsung was in a hurry to beat apple on the launch date, they didn't do a good enough job on their battery and they deserve the consequences.

Comment They never gonna be out of the woods.... (Score 1) 99

If they making decisions like this, they will go bankrupt inevitably....

A walkman with outrighteous weight and a headphone costing $5k. Oh yeah, Make like 100 limited edition of those... and there will be about 20 millionaires in world that would buy them... Leave the other 80 in stock and wait 60 years to turn them into antiques selling for 3 times the original price. I bet if Sony eventually goes bankrupt, the set may be worth 4 times the original price instead of 3....

Comment Morons got government jobs!!! (Score 3, Informative) 254

LOL!!!! Even the FBI Director can't get this after numerous cry-out... What the hell does a DA think he is?

It's the law enforcement's job to handle the criminals... if they need help, send their people to more technical education. Companies have only one job: To satisfy their customers... and if they can't do that, nobody will buy the stuffs, period!!!

Comment Couple problems (Score 1) 175

1. Takes 12 years (estimated) to build the thing. By the time it's available for public use, its design is likely obsolete. The newer designs take precedence in investment and this system will die mid-construction.

2. It takes 30 years for RoI (return of investment). During that time (after 12 years of construction), we'd probably be hovering above ground with our own vehicles called HoverCraft using autopilot. We wouldn't give a damn about the loop.

Anything else I missed?

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