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Comment Still learning to be rich (Score 0) 75

Mark is still a new boy in the gang... he's only been rich few years and doesn't know yet what it takes to sit on top.

He must have thought being rich gives him power and authority and when those don't abide to him will have to face him in court and the court will eventually rule him prevailed.

Hell... I dont know what it takes to sit on top either.. but those that have for decades like Gates, Buffet... they don't go pushing people around to get what they want... Mark was specifically stupid to mess with people who have lived on their lands for generations... They don't give a damn about the money that he pays... its the native's way of preserving their family heritage... If he screwed with that, he surely was going to earn the embarrassment that he just did.

Comment Canadian Police is doing a much better job than US (Score 2) 74

I admire the extra miles that the CRP go to help theft victims... Unlike the irresponsible cops that we got in the US...

Recently my car was broken into, an iPhone stolen. I tracked it to tthe very location it was held and I called police but they took hours to call back only to tell me that I have to be at the iPhone location or they won't help. Well guess what? It took me 90 minutes to get through the first phone call to begin with.

Through another attempt, I got the police to meet me outside the house that had my phone. They told me that if the person holding the phone doesn't want to give it back, I have to turn around and walk away because the crime is not severe enough for them to declare that person under arrest. Since when breaking into a car no longer an important crime?

Comment BS statistics (Score 1) 167

So the 40% claim is deceiving.... Let's be clear about this: Let's say for example last year there were 2 crashes and this year there was 1.... that doesn't mean it's a 50% drop... the percentage is only high because the number of total incidents is low.

Now if last year had 200 crashes and this year 100.... I will DEFINITELY believe it's a 50% drop....

Similar to how a product is newly rated ... there are 2 ratings: 1x5stars and 1x1star.... this averages to 3 stars... that doesn't mean anything until there's more ratings.

Comment Job well done!!!! (Score 1) 121

Silent calls are quite minimal in terms of annoyance.... In my case, it was extremely invasive and rude and stupid too... Two types of calls:

1. I pick up and the other end says "Hey, can you hear me? [pause 1 sec].. Good! blah blah blah"... This wasn't a person asking me for a yes, then "Good, blah blah"... it was a recording with a 1sec pause.
2. I pick up and the other end yells "Stop what you're doing and listen"... first time I heard it, I said FU... but then realized it was a recording... so now I just simply hang up.... better yet... if I see out of state calls with unrecognized number, I simply don't answer.

Comment Making themselves look bad (Score 2) 108

Now it would be stereotyping to direct the cheat intention at the Chinese... but the numerous occassions related to them is undeniable. First Lenovo, then other smaller fishes...

My propossal to this problem is: To ban the brands indefinitely from the US and to permanently bar all executives at those companies from entering the US. This way, they learn their lesson... corporations stealilng from consumers is a crime that should not go unpunished. Phucking cheaters!!!

Comment I thought Google is full of intelligent people? (Score 1) 236

If I provided my credit card to an account and made purchases with it... I will demand the reason for closing my account. That's a consumer right, a right that no provider is allowed to challenge... I dont give a damn about whatever policy Google has about "not discussing reason for closure". If they have such a policy, it's illegal and the stupid people that wrote the policy should not have a job for the rest of the life.

Comment Unethical (Score 1) 72

I asked the same question.....

Although my Y! account hasn't been in use for years and that would pose zero threat to me... I still asked the same question when I heard about the breach.... Why would such a large corporation do such a stupid thing? Now that they've been able to keep it under secrecy for two years, why announce it now?

Did Marissa think enforcing the password change now will some how fix something? The hackers had two years to go through every single piece of data... It doesn't matter if they enforce a password change now... the only difference this makes is that the entire upper management and the board look so stupid that after Y! goes bankrupt, none of them will ever get a management job anywhere else!!!

Comment Now that I look back (Score 1) 469

Several years ago when I thought the company I worked for was gonna go bankrupt... An old colleague of mine who already worked at Palantir got me an interview at this company. I was very grateful for my friend's introduction. He is a good friend.

I got through phone interviews just fine. But when I showed up for the team interview, I got through a few of the teammates just fine until I got to the last guy. He literally tried to derail me. He asked me a question that could have lots of answers (How do you troubleshoot a webserver's error 403). He chatted on his laptop at the same time... and kept saying "that's not it... try again" like several times.... and then he started laughing outloud with whoever on the chat with him.... I thought he was impolite.. but now it sounds more like deliberately not wanting me to pass.

I thought it was not necessary to continue with the interview, but I kept myself cool... I said I didn't have anymore to offer on the question... and we left things there. I left Palantir and got a "no go" result from HR. If the guy really tried to derail me just because I was Asian... he sure was a racist.

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