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Comment Re:Not actually an example of irony. (Score 1) 97

Actually I dont give a damn what the purpose is... it's straight up theft and the phucking Chinese have been doing it in a recognized pattern...

Lenovo installs malware into its own computer in the same manner... they got blasted and now they removed it... XiaoPhuck installs a backdoor that can install anything else... same phucking stealing method... Other than stealing.. what did they "innovate"?

Comment Wrong stuff... wrong time!!! (Score 1) 63

Samsung has always been trying to beat apple's launch date to grab customers... but this time it blows up in their face because the recall is not timely enough and Apple has ordered an increase of their production to compensate for the delay on Samsung's side.

The ban only makes sense... I don't care if the phone has been replaced or not because passengers can simply lie and get on the plane, then blow the damn thing out of the sky. If you ask me... banning Note7 versus safety of few hundred passengers... my answer can be given anytime without hesitation.

Because Samsung was in a hurry to beat apple on the launch date, they didn't do a good enough job on their battery and they deserve the consequences.

Comment They never gonna be out of the woods.... (Score 1) 99

If they making decisions like this, they will go bankrupt inevitably....

A walkman with outrighteous weight and a headphone costing $5k. Oh yeah, Make like 100 limited edition of those... and there will be about 20 millionaires in world that would buy them... Leave the other 80 in stock and wait 60 years to turn them into antiques selling for 3 times the original price. I bet if Sony eventually goes bankrupt, the set may be worth 4 times the original price instead of 3....

Comment Morons got government jobs!!! (Score 3, Informative) 254

LOL!!!! Even the FBI Director can't get this after numerous cry-out... What the hell does a DA think he is?

It's the law enforcement's job to handle the criminals... if they need help, send their people to more technical education. Companies have only one job: To satisfy their customers... and if they can't do that, nobody will buy the stuffs, period!!!

Comment Couple problems (Score 1) 175

1. Takes 12 years (estimated) to build the thing. By the time it's available for public use, its design is likely obsolete. The newer designs take precedence in investment and this system will die mid-construction.

2. It takes 30 years for RoI (return of investment). During that time (after 12 years of construction), we'd probably be hovering above ground with our own vehicles called HoverCraft using autopilot. We wouldn't give a damn about the loop.

Anything else I missed?

Comment What's the hype? (Score 1) 111

So correct me if I'm wrong... Linux 2.x has been around for so many years we forgot that it will ever get an update.

And then suddenly in the past 2-3 years, it continuously got updated on a very frequent schedule.... and it even got the founder asking people to do update.

Just wondering if something/someone other than Linus himself is motivating this.

Comment BUG? (Score 1) 387

Look... I ain't a 3 year-old... and so is 100% of the rest of professionals....

Resetting the default app associations is a deliberate thing, NOT A BUG. MS has done so many stupid things in the recent past, they haven't made up for much of it and is already doing more stupid things.

I want Apple and other companies to step into the game and take over the market share from MS so that they will realize "messing with their customer is asking for trouble".

Comment Replace systems entirely (Score 4, Interesting) 212

IBM and Apple are partnering to create an entire new system for hospital management.

It has an extremely protected back end and a very difficult to infect front-end: The iPad.

I challenge hospitals in this country to do the switch... at least get in with a POC/Beta program.

Comment Re:Restore from backup (Score 2) 212

Anything with some kind of operating instructions can be compromised and instructed to do things beyond its operations scope... so yes, a stupid printer can be used as a hacking tool.

Now my opinion about the hackers: They should go steal shit from somewhere else like the bank where there's lots of money. Disrupting a hospital can lead to patient deaths... and when these hackers get caught, they should ALL get death sentences regardless if there has been any patient fatalities.

Comment Barking up the wrong tree.... (Score 1) 187

My question may seem obvious, but at the same time I can be missing something here:

Aren't we supposed to first accuse mining companies for employing children and for providing poor working conditions? Or is it because DRC is an isolated world that those companies get to do whatever they want because they own many government agencies and they cannot be inquired?

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