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Journal Journal: Tron: Next Chapter or Another Remake of a Classic

According to the Hollywood Reporter .........

"TORONTO -- Commercial director Joseph Kosinski is in final negotiations to develop and direct "Tron," described as "the next chapter" of Disney's 1982 cult classic. Sean Bailey is producing via the Live Planet banner, as is Steven Lisberger, who co-wrote and directed the original film.

Kosinski, who last month signed on to helm the remake of "Logan's Run" for Warner Bros. Pictures, will oversee the visual development of the project and have input on the script, which is being written by "Lost" scribes Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Story details are being kept secret."

I am curious to see what this will be. I think Logan's Run would be a fantastic movie to remake as current technology could enhance the futuristic feel of the movie.

Sadly, for the majority, I agree with Ridley Scott. Technology is useful but sadly the current level of technology is distracting and does the art of film injustice. I am a technology lover but movies are so ridden with effects that the art of filmaking has fallen to the wayside. We don't live in a glossy world. Our world is gritty and worn. Technology is too pristine and lacks realism.

Hollywood, to paraphrase Scott, generates 97% garbage and 3% art.
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Journal Journal: Blah

My article got rejected. I don't know why because I thought it was a killer science piece. Blah, whatever!

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