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Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 1) 523

you just do what they say as if they were your employer paying you

Considering that most of the kernel development these days (93% of commits, averaged annually, I believe, or a conservative estimate of 80% from the Linux Foundation) is done at the instruction of the employer that is paying the developers, and that company is aware of the rules for getting code upstreamed, then, by proxy, Linux and co. ARE their employer, in a way, since said employee is being paid to write code and do so to the specifications that Linux and co. lay out.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 729

Hell, even a $200-$300 Walmart special can play 70-80% of Windows 10 compatible games - actually even more if you get a 32-bit machine, since 32-bit Windows 10 can still run the majority of 16-bit Windows and DOS titles from the 90s. Boom, a machine that can play more games than the past two generations of consoles combined. Seriously, it's as easy as go to store, pick PC, swipe card, go home, open box, turn it on. If that's still too hard for you, stick to board games, or playing with a stick.

There are plenty of quality games going back over the past 25 years.that'll run respectably decent on a modern el cheapo machine, including some modern-day indie titles, and yesterday's AAA greats. I was given an Acer Aspire One AOA150 in 2009 - a rather pathetically weak netbook, even for it's own time. Do you know how many months of my life were happily wasted playing games that ran smoothly on that thing? People will complain about anything.

Comment Or... (Score 1) 729

Just get a recent US$400-$500 prefab system. Congratulations, you now have a perfectly fine gaming machine that can play most modern games with at least the visual quality of the current generation of consoles (which run at whatever the lowest settings the game allows for.) The only thing you really need to look for is to make sure it has AMD or NVIDIA graphics, and not Intel. So you might lose out of a new bleeding-edge titles, big deal, it still proves this rubbish article to be written by myopic idiots.

Comment Re:It is Their Site (Score 1) 293

My religious freedoms were curtailed when the government deemed it illegal to sell my daugter's hand in marriage to her rapist, to kill gays, to kill those with tattoos, or those that eat shellfish, or those who decide to switch religions, or engaged-to-be-married virgins that get raped within the city limits, or anyone that works on Sunday or forcibly deport most of the Deep South to Mexico, I could go on and on about how "religious freedom" has been so severely curtailed that I cannot carry out the actions demanded by God for these heinous crimes, and will surely burn in hell forever for allowing these acts to go unpunished.

Comment Re:I thought it was the desktop... (Score 2) 167

I know that Lowe's uses Linux on the desktop. Hell, the computer kiosk in the paint section usually has a not-too-well hidden keyboard nearby - press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace and watch X close up, only to be quickly reopened to relaunch the Adobe Flash-based kiosk animation.

I've interviewed at Lowe's several times at different stores (for menial retail positions), and each time I made a point of asking the managers how many Windows machines they had on-site. The answer has never been more than "two".

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