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Comment Re:My opinion... (Score 1) 392

You should probably look into what you agreed to send Microsoft in the EULA

Surprise! I did. And maybe I'm not as paranoid as you, but seriously, this is fairly standard stuff for any software that has built-in telemetry. Do you know why telemetry is important? Because it shouldn't take four years to fix the next Windows Vista. If Microsoft fucks up a UI decision, they need to know quickly and have the changes rolled back or fixed in the next update. Not four years later.

Even if you want to push the "but Stallman said it's 1984!" argument...

  1. Stallman needs to lay off the drugs
  2. Your PC is literally the last thing the government's going after if they're going after you. Far easier to go after your communications than the device used to make said communications, with exceptions being in E2E encrypted comms.
  3. If Microsoft was really snooping all the interactions on your PC, backbone operators would notice a few gigs of traffic coming from every Windows 10 PC that wasn't there before. You think capturing just the keystrokes is enough useful data? No, you also include metadata such as typing speed, where it was typed, screenshots, etc., and that turns a few kilobytes of typed text info a few megabytes of metadata to make sense of it all. Somebody would notice something if it really was as bad as people like yourself try to argue it is.
  4. And most importantly Hanlon's razor applies to all human interaction. Never attribute to malice that which is easily explained by stupidity. And, let me tell you, people (governments included) are pretty damned stupid.

Now, run along now, and make sure to refit your tinfoil hat because Wi-Fi's giving you brain cancer that can send your throughts to the NSA or whatever paranoid conspiracy crap you're buying into.

Comment My opinion... (Score 0) 392

Having used both OSes for several decades... Both OSes are great for what they do. Linux detractors can go fuck themselves a la loopback.jpg. and Windows haters can do the same, in case it's over fake "security concerns" w.r.t. Windows 10, in which case, they need a one-way trip to Guantanamo Bay in order to learn what REAL invasion of privacy is. Fucking children.

Comment Re:Why the fuck is Cortana/Siri/etc always online? (Score 1) 40

Because all that shit works great for people with a General American/newscaster/Iowan accent. Have any other accent, and watch that tech fail spectacularly. Say any new words that came into existence since the tech came out, and watch it fail spectacularly. Handling a myriad of accents requires a lot more computational power. Handling a rapidly-changing lexicon requires continuous updating.

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