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Submission + - Why OOXML is not a good standard (

seebs writes: "IBM published an article I wrote on OOXML. Lest people buy into Microsoft's claims about IBM's political maneuvering, this was my idea. If you've wanted a more technical explanation of why the standard is unusable, now's your chance to read up on it!"

Submission + - YouTube hides/deletes Scientology-related videos (

seebs writes: "For a couple of days, videos critical of the Church of Scientology mysteriously had their view counts frozen — this was claimed to be a "technical issue" that would be resolved.

Now, those videos are gone, being deleted almost immediately after showing up, for "terms of service violations" which have never been identified or explained. Most likely, it's the hidden term of service that says "we don't want to be Fair Game, sorry."

Is Google going back on their promise to Not Be Evil?"

The Media

Submission + - Blu-ray users "knew what they were getting int 1

seebs writes: "Blu-ray early adopters "knew what they were getting into," say blu-ray developers, announcing that every single blu-ray player ever sold, except for PS3 systems, is obsolete and will be unable to play forthcoming blu-ray discs, and no upgrade path will be available or even technically possible. This announcement was delayed until a couple of major studios shifted their support from HD-DVD (whose players will continue to work as long as discs are made) to blu-ray."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - New Haven: Flour is a felony ( 1

seebs writes: "According to the city of New Haven, Connecticut, the best response to people marking a running trail with flour is felony charges. Apparently, someone decided it was possible that the substance was in some way bad, and that made it a bioterrorism scare. According to email I got from the city, they react "aggressively and without hesitation to any act or behavior that is determined to be dangerous, unusual, or a threat to the public's safety". My advice would be not to go there; if you do something unusual, they could charge you with a breach of the peace."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Silicon Knights engages in Epic lawsuit (

seebs writes: "According to various stories, Silicon Knights is suing Epic, the developers of Unreal Engine, alleging, well, all sorts of bad stuff. Gamasutra covers it too. This is a big deal for a lot of people, as UE3 has been licensed by lots of companies (some sources say 150!) for lots of games, and now there's allegations (which Epic denies) that it doesn't perform well, isn't usable on the PS3, and so on. Gamer drama! Bring popcorn."

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