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Beginning Portable Shell Scripting Screenshot-sm 186

Joe MacDonald writes "The earliest UNIX shell I encountered was the Bourne shell on a SPARCStation 2 at my university. As with many students of my generation, prior to that nearly all of my exposure to command line interfaces was some variant of DOS. I was quite proficient with the primitive scripting language that was available on such platforms but I immediately felt far out of my depth in this new environment. The commands seemed arcane, possibly dangerous, and almost immediately I regretted stepping into this unfamiliar wilderness without some sort of guide." Read below for the rest of Joe's thoughts.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Infectious plague coming back to World of Warcraft (wowinsider.com) 2

Kolargol00 writes: After the first wide-spread in game infection, another plague is coming to World of Warcraft! As part of a world event prior the Wrath of the Lich King expansion launch, the undead plague is spreading aroung Azeroth. WoW Insider reports conspicuous crates in Booty Bay harbor. Any player who opens one gets a disease, spreading it to other players. If that disease is not cured in 10 minutes, the player is turned into a zombie. Getting killed by a zombie turns you into... another zombie. Brrraaaaiiinsss!

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