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Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 644

Effective range of 300 feet? No. Half that at best. She was using number 7.5 and it was either a .410 or 20 gauge shotgun so probably much less than that.

300 is pushing it, but certainly more than half that. I can routinely hit birds at the clay course at 75 yards with a 20GA and a full choke shooting #7.5 or #8. I have friends (who are admittedly much better shooters than I) who can do it with a 28GA.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 644

Except that an aircraft flying over your property is not entering your property.
In point of fact it is. I own the airspace above, as well as the mineral rights below my property. This is baked into the laws concerning real property. You may not enter those spaces without permission, either granted or contractual.
There is an implied right of way given to aircraft which is arbitrated by the FAA. This does not in any way imply a transfer of title to that airspace.

Comment Re:I wonder what (Score 1) 100

HP hasn't had a successful acquisition since they bought Convex Computer decades ago. They essentially trash every company they buy and either let it die or sell off the remains. Palm, EDS, Zenith Data Systems.... it goes on.

Since HP is now run by bean counters, acquisitions give an "illusion of progress" to those who cannot lead innovation.

This has been a systemic problem with HP since the Fiorina days.

The company is dying and most of their innovators have moved on in frustration.

That isn't quite true. While some have certainly been busts, others 3PAR and Aruba for example have been quite successful.

Comment Re:Markets Work, Bitches (Score 1) 95

People on various sides of various issues try not to believe it, would like not to believe it, but Markets Work. You can't stop them just by making rules against them, not without insanely powerful enforcement mechanisms..., and usually not even then.

Well, that's certainly one creative way to describe the demand driven by physical and psychological addiction.

Except that this has nothing to do with the argument. Markets work because people demand goods, period. Their motivation for the desire is completely irrelevant. It is a fundamental principle of economics that we always want as much of a good as we can consume. Why we want it doesn't matter. You might argue that these types of drugs, driven by addiction are not actually a good, but are in fact a bad. The behavior of these markets would demonstrate otherwise.

Comment Re: I'm betting that... (Score 2) 143

Also, since you can only deduct 30-50% of your Adjusted gross income. Even in the best 50% case, unless you have an AGI of $200k, you cannot simply deduct $100k (although in some cases you can carry forward for up to 5 years). That might be reasonable for someone in the bay area, but not for the average widow cleaning out a garage. Also, if you are a widow and have an AGI that high, you are probably very near the schedule A limitation on deductions to 80% (remember obama says you are rich).

Except that she can carry it forward for probably five years. Now shes only trying to deduct 20K/year and with even a modest income, will likely fall under 30%

Comment Re:Makerspace.... (Score 1) 167

Because if you call it workshop upper middle class guys will think it's a place where dirty. low-class, lowlifes work with old techniques like welders

Everyone is different. I'm an upper Middle class white guy. I have multiple graduate degrees, I can also make damn near anything out of wood, plastic, or metal, and have a private workshop with the means to do so. Most of my equally upper middle class white guy friends, have old cars, motorcycles, or tractors and know how to service them and in many cases build them from essentially scratch. They aren't mutually exclusive.

Welding is a good way to make stuff, and even an upper middle class guy should be able to learn it. The equipment for MIG welding is simple and cheap. Any decent workerspace/makeshop should have one. You also want a CNC vertical mill, and lathe, even if it is just a table top, like a Sherline. . .

This is an important distinction, at least for me. You need to have the stuff that people likely don't have in their own workshops and staff that knows how to use it. I have an abnormally well equipped personal workshop and the skills to use it. What I don't have is the things like a CNC Mill, and because of the cost, I'll probably never have one. I gladly pay the day rate at my (not so)local coop when I need to use one

Comment Re:If you tax the rich, they'll leave (Score 1) 255

What we are talking about is an article that combines fifteen years of tax deductions in order to put that magic "B" in the title to get people excited....

What w'ere really talking about is a standard accounting practice in the purchase of ANY business. The asset and liabilities columns have to total to the same in any balance sheet. When the purchase price exceeds assets, an imaginary asset called goodwill is added. There is nothing unusual in any way at all about this.

Comment Re:Education and Profitability (Score 1) 163

No one gets a law degree in IP--that sounds like you don't know what you are talking about.

Except when they do. It took me less than a minute to find a law degree from a very legitimate university with a concentration in IP law
I'm sure with a little more time, it would be no challenge to find others.

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