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Submission + - ICANN recommends TLDs like .txt -- and .exe (icann.org)

fyngyrz writes: ICANN says, in part:

Given preliminary feedback that there is not a technical need to prevent file extensions as TLDs, as well as the lack of an authoritative source of common file extensions to draw from, staff determined that it is not workable to prevent common file extensions from being used as TLDs.

To summarize, it is the recommendation of the ICANN technical staff to allow applications for TLD strings that may also be commonly used for file extensions.

But will ICANN approve such applications? If so, we can all look forward to opportunities to click on...


Comment Re:Your car is not your car (Score 1) 279

...and the "cloud" -- if it's in the "cloud", someone else owns it. Even when they tell you you own it.

It's not on your hardware, it's not on your software, it's not in your storage, it's not on your premises, and you have zero control over any of the actual foregoing locations / instances.

But hey, everyone, keep that cloud-ward stampede going. They love ya for it.

Comment Tesla has control (Score 1) 279

All they could do to stop you from doing is voiding your warranty.

Perhaps not. As I understand it, the car is connected in order to facilitate software upgrade / maintainance. So they could tell the car it couldn't drive the next time you parked it for ten minutes, for instance.

I imagine that would land them in court -- but technically speaking, they could do it.

Comment Tim Cook for VP! (Score 3, Funny) 171

Tim on the campaign trail:

We're going to get you new, way, way thinner voting machines with hermetically sealed cases! They'll run ALL DAY on the lithium battery (claim based on "average voter" use in our testing laboratories.) You can pick any vote you like (available from our snazzy new "vote store.") Plus, look at the courageous new cylindrical design! Cylindrical and thin! Isn't that cool?

Oh, and one more thing...

If you have trouble, you can take your issues to our "Genius Bar", where certified "vote experts" will solve all your problems; they'll even submit your vote for you!

Comment Cheap wha? (Score 1) 227

These... these scimentizzes have krunk their own droolaid. Iz a CATALISH! Jush put that shizzle in my gazztank... I like the boss knockin' rythym m'whip getsess on the fleaway. C'mere, silly plant. I wants ya fur your car-bone see-quest-rashun habits. [Hic!]

Comment Replacable batteries: Step back from brink (Score 2) 99

Not just thicker -- with a REPLACEABLE battery. Production batteries start having a problem? Instead of having to recall 3 billion dollars worth of phones, you can send out new batteries made conservatively, or even with completely different tech.

Non-replaceable batteries present a much broader spectrum of risks. All the manufacturers get out of it is a bit of thin, and the hope that your phone will seem unfixable to you when the battery dies.

They're treating the consumer very poorly.

And as long as the customer base can be kept from realizing that, they'll keep almost certainly doing it, too.

Comment Re:Attack Of The Killer Soy Beans? (Score 4, Funny) 197

And what happens when the nitrogen levels in the atmosphere are depleted by these Genetic Horrors???

The holy balance of 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide will be disturbed, increasing our oxygen intake, and BURNING OUT OUR CELLS AS OXIDATION RATES INCREASE!!!

OMG where's my tin-foil-hat-equipped-with-supplemental-nitrogen-tank???


Comment Acknowledge reality. It's dead, Jim. (Score 1) 169

Oh no, I understand the design just fine. But unlike you, I also understand what it is, and am not confused by the difference between the two. So when it comes to action today, I talk about what the government is -- not what it was designed to be. Because, sadly, the latter ship has sailed, capsized, sunk, and rotted at the bottom of the ocean of congressional, judicial, and executive dishonor. It's dead, Jim. Welcome to reality. Deal with it.

As for unemployment figures, the government has a particular way to compute them. I don't mind your way; however, if you want to point the finger at Obama as having presided over a failure characterized as increasing unemployment, you need to compare those figures with the Bush years. I'd be very interested to see you do so, btw.

Comment The hows for your wanna (Score 1) 169

The whole constitution should be ripped up

See article 5. Authority to effectively do that resides there.

and all of congress fired.

See the voting ballot. Authority to do that resides there.

Consequently, if you actually want to accomplish anything, you should always couch your assertions along with (a) supporting reasoning and (b) quality exhortation to utilize the above. Without (a) and (b), you're just hand-waving and can (and should) be ignored.

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