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Comment Re:"on the net" is not always a good thing (Score 2) 43

it is a very bad idea to put everything on a network.

I agree. Who controls what is where this future is heading. The consumer doesn't realize it, but who are they going to complain to when Sony decides to turn off the feature - or discontinue a game because Sony determined that the game is no longer worth supporting. It's all fun and games when things are working, but when they don't... who ya gonna call?

It's amazing, I work for a satellite TV company in Canada, and the amount of calls i'm ALREADY getting from customers trying to set up their Smart TVs is making me shake my head - we didn't sell it to you, so we don't support it - go call Samsung.

Comment Who cares.... seriously. (Score 3, Insightful) 138

I'm somewhat a Star Wars fan... and I'm like most people - I may have a passing curiosity on the developments in the movie, and might click a link here and there, but for the most part, I don't really care about every little inner workings of the movie, which is still very much in development. Even if I saw a X-Wing fighter.. and gasped that there will be X-Wing fighters in the movie... it doesn't really mean anything at this point because no one really knows the whole storyboard and plot of the movie. If anything these drones are giving the movie additional free advertising that can't be bought, but if you think this in any way will spoil the movie when it's released is ludicrous at best.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 533

No kidding. I can have my kids watching Netflix streaming some HD content over the Wii, I can be on the computer playing WoW.... my wife on her laptop or phone checking Facebook/e-mail all at the same time. My phone could be checking e-mail or downloading updates to apps in the background. Hell, for the first week after I got my Samsung S4, it did nothing but download updates when it got a sniff of my wi-fi connection - the whole Android O/S updated twice and I can't remember how many apps kept updating. 4Mbps simply would not cut it in this household.

Comment Stop being so impatient.... (Score 5, Insightful) 289

The technology is in it's infancy stages. Why the media keeps hounding Google on all these issues seems immature. I don't see any other competing company attempting to do the same thing, and if there is, they are definitely staying clear of the media spotlight.

I see Google making some great progress in this area, but give it time people - they will work out the kinks, but it won't be done in year.. lets realistically say that maybe in 5-10 years from now we might fathom the idea that the car is safe enough for whatever weather and situations we can throw at it.

Comment Re:u wot m8 (Score 1) 575

* */8 * * * emerge --sync --quiet && emerge -e --quiet world && emerge --depclean --quiet && revdep-rebuild --quiet

When I told Gramma to type exactly that, she kept saying it wouldn't work!

...and they said Linux was easier. "Go ahead" they said. "It's just two words" they said. "You can type two words, can't you?" they said....

Comment Re:Free to level 20 (Score 1) 144

Honestly, the following list is hardly a reason to quit the game - any starter edition Level 20 can't do squat compared to a normal paying member.

You can only chat in "say" and "party".
You can't send whispers (unless the other person has a starter edition also).
You can't join guilds, trade, invite players into a party.
You can't use mailbox (in game mail). Real ID or voice chat features.
You can't participate in pet battles.
You can't gain more than 10 gold.

To be honest - the list restricts those players so much, that as a Level 90, I have never ever seen one actually in game.

Comment Re:Twitch plays Pokemon (Score 1) 669

No not really... 100 people are competing for the next command and everyone else is watching. It's like watching 1,000 ants all trying to squeeze through the same tiny hole. Boring to watch after 10 minutes, but if that sort of thing thrills, you can run it on an emulator on your computer and then mash the keyboard repeatedly for the same effect.

Comment Still playing WoW (Score 1) 669

But did start playing it when it was Warcraft, Warcraft II and III, then took a huge 7 year break and tried out WoW and still playing it 3 years later. I still have friends ribbing me about being a "Level 7 Bezerker", but damn that game was addicting.

Before that, of course the gamut of FPS games:

Doom, Doom II, Hexen, and Heretic.

I ran MajorBBS/Worldgroup software with a 18 line BBS system that allowed those games to go multi player. Damn those were good times. If I had the money today to set that back up I probably would again - the community and the people were amazing.

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