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Submission + - SPAM: Dating Asian Women

datingasian101 writes: "Being the center of attention, cracking jokes and being at ease in social settings is something that is attractive to women. Many Asian guys feel tense in social situations outside their own social circle of Asians. Taking toastmaster classes, improv classes or something else will give you confidence in social situations and allow you to more freely express your personality."
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Submission + - Computer Engineer Barbie Unveiled ( 2

ideonexus writes: At the New York Toy fair, Mattel has announced Computer Engineer Barbie, the doll's 126th career chosen by popular vote. The official announcement (PDF) shows her accessorizing with nerdy glasses, a Bluetooth earpiece, pink laptop, and tee covered in binary digits. The girls-only vote choose "News Anchor Barbie," which became Barbie's 125th career, but Mattel decided to add the Computer Engineer version after a viral outpouring of support from female IT professionals.

Submission + - Operate your iPhone with Frozen Hot Dogs !?! (

Weemz writes: This is definitely the oddest thing I have read all day."

"Too cold to take your gloves off? No problem, try a frozen, individually wrapped Hot Dog.

Seoul, Korea; CJ Corporation's "Max Rod" sales are soaring as Koreans have discovered that they are quite effective for operating iPhones in cold weather. Max Rods are individually wrapped, frozen sausages that have replaced the need for an iPhone stylus or iPhone gloves. Once back indoors, this handy stylus becomes a not so light snack!
Funnier than watching a subway car of people tapping their iPhones with frozen meat-sticks is reading the Google Translation of the original news article here.

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