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Comment Re:Phishing is good (Score 1) 196

You know that there are cyrillic characters that look exactly like the roman ones we use except they have another unicode code point? So (to use a REAL example) could have a cyrillic o in there and you can't actually see the difference because the two characters are renderered identically?

Besides, I noticed that ld ' uo p uplo ,no

Comment Re: ArcaOS 5 (Score 1) 165

I was working on a embedded controller for solar light simulator which outputs a hell of a lot of light with plasma arc lamps 2 years ago. The control system was written in DOS. As in MS DOS. It was really nostalgic to remember all the keyboard shortcuts to boot into to edit something.init to... you get the message

Problem is that DOS does not have a network stack and trumpet sockets do work, but can only hold one connection on a port. It can also not time out as dos does not have background tasks. So if you pull the wire, you have to reboot the machine. Which, due to a safety system will refuse to restart for 10 minutes in case the plasma arcs were on, to force them to cool down. Otherwise they ight explode (one did, actually). So DOS is still in use. In mission critical systems that can actually kill people. Today.

Comment Re: And perpetual motion machines are coming too (Score 1) 124

Also a legal problem. What do you tax? An SMTP transaction? If i send you an message over Facebook does it count? Twitter? Whatsapp? An SMS?

What happens if I slightly modify the protocol? Is that still a taxable Email? Run SMTP over NetBIOS? Add some extension? Use another port? Where is the line?

It is impossible to precisely define the thing you intend to tax here.

Comment Re: Quad Sockets: (Score 2, Insightful) 138

Still rare, still expensive, still fragile, still hard to service and upgrade, still not worth it except for some edge cases.

Quad (and octa) core servers are the moon rockets of IT. Yes, they do exist. No they are not common. Only for very, very special missions.

He said 'rare' not 'nonexistent'

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