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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 289 of my siblings raised a family of 5 on no more than $40,000/year (combined income, many years it was lower - I know this because I helped them with taxes for years). They lived in a small town, originally in a mobile home, but through an FHA guaranteed loan they were able to purchase a small house (and now own it outright).

So this was at least 30 years ago? C'MON, SERIOUSLY? Have you HEARD of INFLATION?

Comment Re:Ah, America! (Score 1) 562

I've never wanted or sought out credit, no credit cards or car loans or anything... so it blew my mind when I went to get a home loan last year and they told me I'd have to get a credit card first, use it for a while, then they'd be able to give me a home loan. Really? REALLY? The guy who's too responsible to need credit in the first place is a bigger risk than the guy you KNOW has $40,000 in debt? WHAT THE FUCK.

Comment Re:First post!! (Score 1) 378

You got +5 funny, but as someone who has to buy his share of ISO documents to get the details of standards in my line of business, they actually ARE signed and numbered, with my name on every page and a notice that says the PDF is for me only and giving it to anyone else is a violation of copyright and such. Really annoying.

Comment Re:I'll just leave this here (Score 1) 171

That's a brilliant article and should be required reading. It's good enough reason to not use Microsoft's present compilers.

Just for the record, though, the article doesn't seem to suggest anything about actual compilers as a service; it still seems to discuss a normal compiler that runs on your local machine. Very confusingly titled.

Comment Re:A postal service is simply too important. (Score 1) 734

> Everyone I know either got email in the 90s, or frankly never will get email

Yeah, but that doesn't mean what they said is a lie; first off, people you know is a very biased and tiny sample.

But ignore that; you're forgetting about all the people being born into a world with email and all the people dying having never touched it. That skews the numbers too -- a lot.

Comment How do you feel? (Score 1) 285

You were obviously a celebrity /then/ - no one can forget "Free Kevin!"

How do you feel about being a celebrity /now/? Your name is used in the most recent Deus Ex game, and you're in the Internet exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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