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Submission + - An Ode to Turntables (in HTML) (

scottschiller writes: "In late 2010, Panasonic/Matsushita announced that it was ceasing production of the famous Technics SL-1200 series turntable, known and loved by DJs worldwide. As a web developer and turntable owner, it seemed appropriate to try building some turntables in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (and sometimes Flash,) emulating specific turntable behaviours within a browser.

The development article ( ) discusses the technical approach, performance challenges and considerations made during development. The demo ( ) is experimental — Chrome 12 or Safari 5 are preferable — and the code is on github:"

Comment Re:We can only hope (Score 1) 139

At this point, RAM is in my opinion one of the larger potential bottlenecks for web apps.

Browsers can eat up a lot of memory while running JS-heavy "web apps", and leaks can result in hundreds of MB being used over time, causing excessive disk swapping etc.

On a laptop with WinXP and 512 MB of RAM, even Firefox using 200 MB of RAM (not an unrealistic number if you have a few tabs with mail, maps and other big sites open,) can start to hurt the overall system performance.


Submission + - 700MB of MediaDefender internal emails leaked ( 2

qubezz writes: The company MediaDefender which works with the RIAA and MPAA against piracy (setting up fake torrents and trackers and disrupting p2p) had earlier set up a fake internet video download site designed to catch and bust users. They denied the entrapment charges. Now 700MB of internal emails from the company from the last 6 months leaked onto BitTorrent trackers detail their entire plan, how they intended to distance themselves from the fake company they set up, future strategies, and reveal other company information such as logins and passwords, wage negotiations, and numerous other aspect of their internal business! details some of the jems!

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