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Comment Re:I think i agree (Score 1) 91

The arguments in favor of Pluto are purely subjective, and are mostly related to the core-self identity of the writer. The funny part is that I subscribe completely. And perhaps this psychological factor should matter in this case alone.

I agree. Then again, my name is on New Horizons, so yeah: Go Pluto!

Comment Re:I do not understand why this is a story (Score 1) 740

I'll try to find that one, but it's impossible in network gear on fiber. Light by itself could. Light moving from hop to hop, I believe the 7ms measurement given is a big charitable.

If so, then a "Marconi wins" scenario could be considered: A confederate's computer in Washington legally receives the news feed at the same time as all other interested Washington parties; then, in fractions of a ms, automatically relays the information by direct wireless - no satellites, overland links,etc - to the Chicago machine in 3.2ms, ahead of all of the others receiving the information from their cronies, by conventional transmission means. Somewhat clever, but not illegal (IANAL).

Comment Re:Plan B dial-up connection (Score 1) 410

I remember having an internet outage a few years back, and digging up an old dial-up modem out of a drawer and using it... can't remember how many years ago that was, though. 2005? 2007? somewhere thereabouts.

Bet I still have that modem. Wonder if I could dig up the dial-up numbers without having to look them up on the web (which would rather defeat the point...)

Which is why I still have a back up dial-up account, even though I haven't tested it for about a year. I am considering getting rid of it, & going dry loop with my DSL. I"ll get to save some money, and go naked at the same time. :)

Comment Re:No wonder ... (Score 1) 384

This is right. Most plots have been done. It's how the plot is described, how the story is told that's important.

Method 1: Jack and Jill went up the hill. They found some water. Jack tripped on his way back down.

Method 2: Jack, the village upstart who always seemed hellbent on making others' lives miserable, was found, oddly, walking hand in hand with the virtuous Jill towards the secluded town well...

Oh c'mon don't leave us hanging - does she put the lotion in the basket?

Comment Re:The reason terrorists keep terrorizing (Score 1) 317

These people didn't do that, so I think they are mass murderers rather than terrorists.

Are they really mass murderers though? Three people died as a result of the bombs.

A moment of silence for the MIT officer.

Comment Re:What a hack (Score 1) 64

However, in your scenario the station being re-broadcast out of area would have no cause for complaint since their audience is growing. The competing stations might not be terribly happy, but they don't actually have proprietary rights over the viewers, they are expected to attract them. Their complaint would be the same as McDonald's suing Burger King for offering a better or cheaper burger.

It also works both ways: If the interloper is in your area, you are equally free to be in their area. The out-of-area competitions way well be of mutual benefit to both parties. If nothing else, I suspect it will make both (and other) stations more interesting. Btw, Bergmayer may also wish to note that the internet is also legal. :)

Comment Re:Nooooooo! Just shut up and buy a dinosaur saddl (Score 1) 278

relationships where one partner cannot tell the truth for fear of offending the others ego are doomed. in fact, propping up willful ignorance is a compounding stress that will destroy any relationship, not just the personal variety.

Wife: "Honey, is my butt big?"

Husband: (without looking up) "No."

'Nuff said.

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