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Submission + - Why by a Pi I when have a perfectly good cellphone? 1

scorp1us writes: I've been looking into getting a Raspberry Pi, but I end up needing a case, a display, and some way to power it, and wanting some degree of portability. It seems to me that even the most outdated cellphone has far superior features (screen, touch screen, Wifi, 3g/4g camera(s), battery etc) in a much better form factor. (And I have several laying around) The only thing that is missing are the digital/analog in/out pins. So why not flip it around and make a USB or bluetooth peripheral board with just the pins? I've been looking for this and can't find any, but does anyone know of any in the corners of the internet? I don't care what phone platform.

Submission + - Coming out of the clouds

scorp1us writes: With all the hubbub about Google's privacy changes and such, I'd like to take my privacy back. Is there an email and other cloud services provider that provides a ready-made solution for a nominal cost? Horde is nice (email, calendar, etc), but I don't want to have to provide my own server, manage backups etc. I'd also like a solution that provides DropBox-like storage, picture album and a Wiki that I can keep to myself or share with others, and possibly it's own "news feed" for a face-book like status page (it would be cool if if it integrated with facebook and posted my own news to my facebook account — as a link).

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