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Comment This happened to me in Costa Rica! (Score 1) 553

I wrote "IT Consultant" on the immigration form when entering Costa Rica. To my surprise, the officer started asking what kind of failure a distinct clcking noise coming from the hard drive is. I was impressed that they seemed to have upped the ante on immigration checks!

Turns out that his kid's computer was doing the clicking, and he was desperate for some information on what to do. Nice guy!

Pura Vida.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 161

Well, according to the RDS standard, there are different RDS channels and priorities. There's even one for 'catastrophes'.

And, while I agree that drivers should put more attention on what's happening around them, as the article states, the really good sound insulation of modern cars does reduce the effectiveness of ambulance's sirens. So IMHO, this RDS 'hack' could really help a bit.

Comment The Demo looks very underwhelming (Score 3, Informative) 43

The Demo looks like it's behind state-of the art tech quite a bit. Their hand-tracking was abysmal (the years-old LeapMotion seems way more precise and quick), the latency was noticeable even under the presumably perfect conditions, HoloLens does the 3D tracking better it seems, and any Android phone can do better graphics with a cheap VR viewer.

It might be impressive that this unit is all self-contained, but this really doesn't seem state-of-the-art at all!

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