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Submission + - Office document 'DRM'? ( 1

schweini writes: "Even though DRM is obviously 'evil', I have recently come across a good use for it: I work with a travel agency that manages a lot of semi-confidential office documents (internal price lists, etc.).
Everytime an employee decides to leave, the big question if (or how much) information he will steal from us.
Hence, the question popped up if there's an easy way to restrict the usage of office documents to our LAN. I figured that a feature like that must be so popular that it shouldn't really be a problem. After consulting with my good friend Google, the only thing I could find was Microsoft's "Information Rights Management" option, which surpisingly is very under-documented, IMHO.
To make things worse, we are using a Samba server, so all the fancy windows-based licensing options are not available for us.
My question to my fellow slashdotters is if anyone knows of a way to (as transparently as possible) implement some way of restriction/encryption that renders internal documents useless as soon as they leave the premises. For my case, it wouldn't even have to be bulletproof — even some embedded macro that asks our server for permission based on an IP address or something would be a lot better than no protection at all."

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