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Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score 1) 624

With that single story a national of deplorables can trivially take CNN off the credible list.

Not much to argue against in that article, unless you think sentencing should not be blind but be dependent on the convict's neighbourhood or family. If you think that article is wrong, do you believe that someone who lives in a low-crime area and has a good family should get a lighter sentence from the same crime?

Or maybe your objection is about the use of credit ratings in employment. I'd like to hear a good argument as to how a mechanism which makes it harder for poor people to get jobs helps society.

Comment Re:Not quite, but some points to consider: (Score 1) 2837

You said it yourself, in the couple of years when Obama didn't have a Republican Congress openly admitting they were shutting him down just for the lols, he achieved great things including universal health care, saving the banks and saving the auto industry. Now you're blaming him for not fixing absolutely everything when most of his presidency was hobbled by Republicans putting their party before their country.

And you actually think Trump is some sort of outsider rather than a New Yorker billionaire born into wealth and privilege, whose 'real world' perspective is borrowing money to put into failing businesses then running away? You're going to be very surprised when he isn't all that willing to upend the status quo which allows him to get away like a bandit and line his pockets as the world burns around him.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 1368

California wouldn't have a tech industry outside of the US. The vast majority of the most valuable technology used in Silicon Valley was created by the US military. Unless you think an independent California is going to create its own GPS to use on those shiny phones? And outside of the US, who are they going to sell that agricultural produce to? Rich countries and trade blocs put import tariffs on agriculture to protect their own food security. Oh, and now you're doing it without water from other states. And no US border force to protect you from the drug cartels.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 1368

You are aware that outside of the US, most of California's big industries wouldn't exist? No Hollywood, no aerospace, no silicon valley, no rich countries to sell their agricultural produce to. California only contributes more to the treasury because SV gets to use US military technology for free. US taxpayers all over the country spent tens of billions making things like the Internet and GPS, some nerds in turtleneck sweaters come along and put them in a shiny box, then declare themselves wealth creators.

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