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Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 1) 270

Amazing - so this is the attitude of the average citizen in God's own nation, where a higher percentage of people claim to believe in God and Christ and all that? "I want my quality of life and to hell with those worse off"?

Seattle and San Francisco aren't in the Bible Belt, they're in liberal atheist territory.

Comment Re:Musk is way ahead (Score 1) 254

He doesn't just have the will, he has the talent, the production facilities, the engine, the launch pad, the plans for the vehicle, the materials, they've already made the first development fuel tank.

Boeing have nothing. They're barely even supporting development of the Vulcan. They'll have nothing and do nothing until NASA decide they want to go to Mars and contract stuff out to Boeing, and that will only happen with Congressional support. It might never happen.

Comment Re: these new companies trying to get around old l (Score 1) 261

Film companies don't have the right to run their own cinemas. Different industries have different regulations. What we really should be asking is, what benefit is it to Michigan to reduce the percentage of the cost of a car that stays in the state? You can't even cry about the free market because Tesla gets so many subsidies.

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