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Comment Re:Not possible (Score 2) 69

Malware is completely unnecessary here. "Direct detection" is a term defined on page 2 of Challenges and Directions for Monitoring P2P File Sharing Networks – or – Why My Printer Received a DMCA Takedown Notice to be:

"involves connecting to a peer reported by the tracker and then exchanging data with that peer" As opposed to:

"Indirect Detection of infringing users relies on the set of peers returned by the coordinating tracker only, treating this list as authoritative as to whether or not IPs are actually exchanging data within the swarm."

The indirect detection method only shows that a specified IP address was connected to the torrent swarm for the file in questions but it does not prove that particular IP address was sending any bits to the other peers.

Comment Re:FB should did it (Score 1) 447

I think what's going on here is that cops cannot be seen being defeated. This woman was sacrificed upon the alter of 'you will obey cops, OR ELSE'.

If they would have went away then their jobs, as a whole, would be harder as other the animals on the farm learn that they can in some cases refuse the orders of the pigs. That type of thinking can NOT stand in the minds of any of the other animals on the farm.

This woman was made herself an example. If the pigs show up at your door with a warrant you're not going to get your shotgun because you've seen this all before, and you therefore know how it's going to end.

That's the name of the game here; it's similar to putting heads on sticks as a show of your superiority.

The biggest gang WILL keep control. And they'll sacrifice any lives necessary to do it. Because if they don't another gang will. It's the law of the farm. And we are, after all, still animals.

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