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Comment Re:"Statistical impossibility" (Score 1) 156

Well if gun manufactures and sellers can't be held to account for the dissemination of weapons used in murders then I don't see how communications providers can be held responsible for the part they unwittingly played in the facilitation of crimes.

Would be a bit of a double-standard, don't you think?

Not to mention unreasonable.

Comment Bad Idea (Score 1) 86

This sets a bad example. If everyone is expecting everything for free than how is anyone supposed to make any money from the Internet??

TUCOWS should be shamed for giving the free market a bad name. What are they, communists or something like that?

Comment Re: This is sad seeing republicans... (Score 1) 702

Fetuses aren`t babys. Or they`d be 9 months old at birth.

A fetus has no expectation of living any kind of life. A pregnant woman knows when either/both her life and/or the potential babies' life will be a shithole of misery and suffering.

There are many things worse than not being born at all. And when you haven't been born yet you have no idea what you're missing. So no harm done. Unlike killing a person who is already born and therefore has some sense of what life is and therefore some sort of reasonable expectation of it continuing. And so would actually suffer if you were to terminate their life. Fetus don't have any sense of life or expectation of continuing to live. Therefore terminating it is a non-issue.

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