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Comment Death threats was going too far (Score 1) 194

I did a little digging. Apparently the developer was getting comments consisting of death threats. They even show some of their website. Apparently they reported these to Valve but nothing came of it. So this story has more to it than what the one-sided summary Slashdot is giving people.

Comment News flash: people hate change (Score 1) 367

Internet, cellphones, vaccines, etc. People can either accept progress or get left behind. Things like DNA programming are here now thanks to things like CRISPR. Expect custom babies in your lifetime. I look forward to improvements in my own programming for that matter as I have inherited some baggage and in need of some tweaking.

Comment Facebook may make Noam Chomsky proud (Score 1) 95

I didn't expect much when the whole news broke over the liberal slant by Facebook trending. But instead they took a route no one had done before: go neutral by removing the always present human bias. Obviously the biased media was abuzz as the bots first baby steps were stumbles (I won't even touch the Atlantic pushing their dream that Megan Kelly would sue them for libel). But they are scared. This bot is a danger to them. Their golden podiums from up high are in danger.

Comment Buyers market. Get in now! (Score 2) 517

My company is actually expanding operations with two British companies we do business with. Much of this is possible by the weakened pound and knowing that their EU membership tax (which was shockingly large we found out) will be lifted. I'm starting to think all this fear mongering in the media is being orchestrated by the big fish so they can have first dibs at the best pieces.

Comment What average home users need! (Score 1) 79

Imagine an external drive connected to the laptop/PC via USB (Thunderbolt, etc). Minimum double bay set at RAID-1. Owner can read and write to the drive. Attempts to delete or modify files or folders on the drive will fail though. A physical, hardware lock needs to be "turned" to enable that capability.

This would prevent ransomware (of that drive's data anyways). It would also help prevent accidental deletes of files.

Does such a unicorn exist? I'm not looking for some half-baked alternative.

Comment Re:See it on CNN (Score 2) 269

"90% of the posters are about those American backed Nazi's out to destroy the freedom fighters who had enough of American backed oppression."

What a bunch of bulls*. 90% is people trying to convince people about Russian equipment and/or soldiers in Ukraine. What these people fail to notice is 100% of the people they are telling that to go "yeah I know". I don't think this is the desired reaction because they keep doing it over and over. Maybe those posting these comments and threads in forums and social media are secretly Russians trying to make us just ignore these types of news announcements? I need more tin for my hat before following that rabbit.

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