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Journal Journal: Strange dream last night

I had the strangest set of dreams lastnight, and even stranger is i remember them. I rarely remember dream more than 5 minutes after i wake up.

First. I'm sleeping the night away and i wake up in the morning. I head into the bathroom to take a shower, but when i turn on the light it doesn't come on. Hmm, whats up with that. As i look down the hall i notice the ceiling fan in the kitchen is on but not the kitchen light. I flick the ceiling fan switch, and the light comes on in the living room. I flick the switch in the living room and the bathroom light comes on. I then proceed to take a shower. Funny thing is the everything in the shower is backwards. First conditioner then shampoo, and even something is different about the they way the water moves.

Then i wake up to my alarm clock. I shut off the alarm and promptly fall back to sleep.

Second. I'm in this town/city that can only be described as a shelled out WW2 city just after it ended. Rubble and empty shells of old buildings on either side of the street. But maybe every 3rd or 4th building there is a shiney new red sports car. Whats weird about this is, i'm riding what could be called a 6 wheeled motor cycle. Its got 2 training wheels on each side the front and rear wheels. 3 in the front and 3 in the back. When i stop at the end of the block Jay Leno comes over and gets on the bike with me, and says "Let me show you a trick about this car-bike". He plays with the controls a little bit and and the 4 training wheels come up off the road a little bit and he races off.

I then wake up. SHIT, I'm late for work. Its 7:30, and i start work at 8:00.

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