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Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 328

Already there... 6. Updates. The softwareperiodically checks for system and app updates, and downloads and installs them for you. You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates. By accepting this agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice. I also left the missing space for your entertainment which is also there... Link - https://www.microsoft.com/en-u...

Comment This wouldn't be an issue... (Score 1) 493

There wouldn't be so many anti-vaxers if these vaccines were more trust worthy, but the reality is that vaccines are manufactured by large corportations.. and the goverment isn't real fast to protect us... if you need more proof.. here is the story of how the CDC (30 years later) finally acknolodged the polio vaccine contained a cancer causing substance.. http://www.thehealthyhomeecono...

Comment Re:Time to chnage (Score 2) 284

The reason the bribery continues is simple.. We didn't follow the instructions.. Declare independence.. Check... Fight war for independence.. Check.. Build new government.. Check.. Water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of tyrants and kings.. Oops.. forgot that step.. Our own founder Thomas Jefferson said this would happen.. The corruption in a society (and complacency) is a guarantee with a fresh "reset" every once and a while. Nobody wants a war, but trying politicians in courts of their own making with laws that they control under a constitution that is basically dead is just a joke..

Comment Seriously? (Score 1) 976

This is completely different from a map that marks members of a political party. For one thing guns get stolen... and then used in crimes once stolen (sometimes).. This is actually incredibly irresponsible of the creators. You might as well just hand the potential thieves a map of where to get guns.. Its ironic that those who keep pushing for gun control laws are the first to put things like this in place that makes those same laws less effective..

Comment Re:It is all software, really (Score -1) 509

The real problem is, it can change any time. PS4 can become more stringent, and XBox One could become less (well, in theory).

I'm not sure I trust Sony not to be an asshole regarding DRM. It doesn't have that good a track record. It is a good bet the moment the marketing hype dies down, and the stock holders start pressing, they will tighten their DRM.


Comment Re:douchebags, the lot of them (Score 1) 149

Generally your right that management stifles innovation, but its a balance.. If left unchecked you end up in a world of projects that have no marketability.. I have seen that experiment where we gave a group an almost limitless amount of money, and said "Go Create".. A few projects were marketable, but the overwhelming majority were not.. So love em or hate em.. it takes both sides of that coin to make a successful business.. BTW I have been on BOTH sides of this at different points in my career.

Comment DNA is too much information (Score 4, Interesting) 643

I disagree with the likening of DNA to having a mug shot taken or a fingerprint.. Simply because DNA can be used for purposes well beyond what you can use for a mug shot or a fingerprint.. Consider for a moment this currently fictional example... We have a nationalized health care system. Using the same DNA collected we tax an individual based on the likeliness of that individual to contract a certain condition (e.g. diabetes).. -or- We use that same DNA to establish life insurance rates along the same logic.. The problem here is it allows a very large amount of information to be garnered about a persons potential medical conditions without their consent.

Comment Overkill Much? (Score 3, Insightful) 342

Really? We need military levels of record keeping to keep track of school children getting on busses? Seems wasteful, and overkill.. If you need an ID (which I dont think you should for school busses) then a simple picture ID should do.. Growing up my bus driver (and the kids) knew all the kids getting on and off anyhow..

Comment Re:USA:Israel::China:BestKorea (Score 1) 338

Have you ever been to Israel? I have.. many times.. I have yet to witness anyone being indoctrinated.. Perhaps you should make a convincing argument rather than resorting to personal attacks.. In regards to the U.S. not having a draft.. what exactly are we forcing everyone to register for.. See: http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/wars/a/draft2.htm

Comment Re:USA:Israel::China:BestKorea (Score 1) 338

There are a host of ways to not be forced to join the military in Israel... For the record.. the US ALSO has compulsory military service through the draft, and required registration, and there are a host of ways to get out of it as well. Besides.. you wont find many citizens in Israel that don't want to be in the military.

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