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Comment Re: SAP is not the problem here (Score 1) 57

I work with SAP on a daily basis (hence my nickname) and there are some updates that will break stuff. Luckily this is preventable by pushing the update into your DEV system and then onwards into the QAS system prior to slamming it into PROD. There are some cowboys out there that will slam an SAP hotpack straight into PROD but if you're dealing with one of those guys you have bigger problems anyway.

Comment Re:Great summary (Score 1) 532

Then how did he know to post his reply on this thread?

Simple. The original article on the "Exceptionally Magic" drive told him on which day to come back to /. and what to post. It's actually an easier exercise than figuring out the EMDrive. All you need to do is count the number of days between dupes and you know which day to come back and post again.

Submission + - What is the most amazing code you've written?

sapped writes: We often hear about atrocious code highlighted on sites like The Daily WTF. Today I would like to hear from the other side of the spectrum. What's the most inspired code you've written?

Tell us which language you used and what made the code stand out for you? Was it a clever hack in the language or was it the circumstances surrounding the coding itself?

For me, it was a piece of ABAP code needed to quickly transfer data from one SAP system to another. It was a pretty technical challenge to handle the contents of any selected table.

Comment What could be gleaned from exact numbers? (Score 1) 117

What could the terrorists (as if it's even remotely about them anymore) glean from the exact numbers that they couldn't deduce from rounded numbers? I.e. what state secret goes out the window if we knew 1024 NSLs were sent to Google rather than 1000-2000? This is what bugs me the most about petty pointless crap like this. They graciously are "allowing" us to know the rough numbers but give no justification for the added secrecy.

Comment Re:simple (Score 1) 381

The trick with that is what was the ratio of attacks stopped versus the number of people "looked" at?

In the UK their is a current debate on random stop and search used by police. The noticeable point is that it is 9% effective in finding someone doing something wrong.

So if the police stop and search 100 cars they find 9 people who are breaking the law.

Sorry, but you're wrong with those numbers. If the police stopped and searched 100 cars, and all 100 of those people were breaking the law, they find 9 people who are breaking the law.

In reality you would have to stop 1000s of cars before you caught 9 people breaking the law.

Comment Re:Google Voice: Add PER CONTACT calling preferenc (Score 1) 172

Use an app called Voice Plus You can set area codes to be dialed with your regular number or groups within GV to be dialed with regular numbers. It's indispensable when using GV.

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