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Comment Re:Clinton personal email server .. (Score 1) 676

She has no right to privacy while conducting business as Secretary of State. In fact all her "business" emails were suppose to be archived and theoretically available eventually under the FOIA. Also they are suppose to be available to give a history of how things were done and what was actually done for the purposes of history. We also could in theory learn from how we dealt with other foreign powers to know how to deal with them better in the future.

None or not much of any of this is true which is just sad and a travesty and a reason why she should never ever hold a public office again given how much she betrayed the public and her office.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 254

I hate to break it to you but file compatibility is a garbage reason to continue to use Office. I have worked with many companies in my time and Office files are not even compatible with themselves. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people ask what version of Office are you running so I can try and save it in an Office format that will work for you. Office is barely compatible with itself over time.

Comment Re:Fat Shaming (Score 1) 206

I have not yet heard of an employer actually forcing people (and I would hear of things being in the benefits administration field). But, I have seen employers raise the price of health insurance, and then offer a "discount" for participation in healthy incentives.

So basically you are punishing an employee who chooses not to participate in healthy incentives or can't participate. I have scaring on my lungs due to multiple medical issues over the years so work outs are hard for me because I feel like I can't get enough air and so I tire out easy. So I guess someone like me is just screwed, sorry pay more employee because of your past health issues? That just seems so wrong to me.

Comment Good luck (Score 3, Interesting) 46

Good luck with this. I doubt many are going to want to watch this live. The buzzing noise they make is really annoying and some of the videos I have seen have them flying so fast in small areas that it's hard to keep up with them. Maybe if you brought in better video/camera men and then edit it with live streams from the quad-copters it might be more interesting.

I also think it would be more interesting to see computer controller racers and see the interesting technology develop which would have a lot more applications than just racing. Sort of like car racing tends to feed ideas in to the cars we drive every day.

Comment Re:Backdoors will not solve crimes (Score 1) 392

You really should look at the police in large cities. There are so many large cities in the US that have massive amounts of CCTV cameras on so many lights and public areas these days. If you want to see it taken to an extreme just check out London. They are suppose to have some insane number of camera per person in London. I have heard number like 1 camera per every 10-11 people living in London. Supposedly you can't do crap in London in public without it being caught on some camera.

I know here in Missouri it the larger cities it seems like every intersection has a camera pointed in each direction. I'm not talking red light cameras but CCTV cameras. I know St. Louis has a huge monitoring department for the police to watch all the cameras and they have microphones hooked up as well to detect and triangulate gun shots. Welcome to Big Brother.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 0) 392

If you think government workers actually work 8 hours per day then I think you need to actually visit a government office or visit a judge and watch how much they actually work per day. At a bare minimum they take a 1 hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks. So you are talking about more like 6.5 hours max of work. You can then throw in time to get setup to work each morning and time to organize for the end of day, bathroom breaks, general discussions and other time wasting. You are probably looking at more like 5 to 5.5 per day. You also didn't remove any vacation time or federal holidays either. There are 10 official federal holidays per year.

So in reality you are looking at more like a maximum of 250 work days in the year not counting vacations. So you are looking at 1250 to 1370 and a max of 1625 with no extra vacation time. Given a lot of people take a week or two off at the end of the year and possible other vacation days and you have a serious lack of time. Which ends up being not nearly enough time to properly investigate each warrant and discover all the nuances of each case and each warrant, at least in my mind.

Comment Re:It's the base assumption that its invalid (Score 1) 392

Actually the funny part about breaking the German "Enigma" was the fact that they couldn't just stop everything they knew was going to happen or the German's would know and change things to stop them from knowing what they were up to. So a large number of attacks and such they had to let happen and watch people die so as not to give too much away. So actually breaking "Engima" didn't prevent a lot of the attacks just probably some of the bigger ones. Engima was used, from what I have read, more to setup D-Day and to know if the Germans were on to them about it.

Comment Uber is not following the law in Missouri (Score 1) 231

I talked with and signed up for Uber as a driver and they are on purpose breaking the law in Missouri. In Missouri you are required to have a "Class E" license to drive for pay. It even says in the state driving handbook that taxis, couriers and even pizza delivery drivers are suppose to have "Class E" license. I met Uber staff here in St. Louis at one of their events and point blank asked them about this and was told by the staff that I didn't need a "Class E" license to drive for them. I asked specifically about it saying the state requires it for this type of driving and was told "well we don't require our drivers to have it."

People have commented on here that Uber also inspects the drivers car to make sure they are ok. Nope that is false. I am approved to drive for Uber and they have never seen my car. In fact I didn't even drive the car I listed with them to this meeting. So there was no possible way for them to see it or inspect it.

Now Uber isn't licensed to operate here yet and I suspect they may never be given they don't want to agree to the same type of license requirements here in St. Louis that Taxi companies are required to do. But the funny thing is that Uber agreed to the same type of terms in Dallas to operate. So Uber claiming they can't make money if they agree to the terms the city wants is complete crap.

There is nothing special about Uber and in fact they are in many ways a substandard version of taxi service that just happens to have a phone app instead of calling the taxi company for a ride. Given the process I went through to drive for Uber I am not at all impressed and given news reports of problems with Uber drivers in other cities assaulting people I am not surprised at all.

Comment Re:A Linux game company that wasn't troubled? (Score 1) 142

I would bet most indie games take a week max to port to Linux. Loki Game on average took only 2 months to port a Windows AAA title to Linux. The cost of porting a game to Linux compared with the total amount of revenue generated by Linux sales makes it a no brainer for indie developers.

You do realize that HiB is doing a large percentage of the Linux and Mac ports themselves. They have 4 full time programmers on staff to port Windows games to Mac and Linux. It can't take them too long given the span of time between HiB releases these days.

Comment Police Warrant (Score 1) 372

I would bet that she would have normally lost this case on every count if it were not for the issue of the police lied about having a warrant for her arrest. I believe the police can lie about a lot of things to catch a criminal but I do not believe that they can lie about a warrant to gain access to a home to search it for stolen material. That is the part of this case that is going to be the problem. Not that they had nuddie pictures of her. Sounds like the police jumped the gun and should have gotten a warrant from the prosecuting attorney to search the residence but didn't bother to wait for one and just tried to pressure her in to letting them in, which may have been illegal. That is going to be the main issue here and I would bet money that is why the judge didn't just simply throw out her case. She is probably going to loose on the privacy grounds but how the police searched her place and ended up arresting her, is probably going to be the big problem for the police.

The security firm has absolutely nothing to fear from her. They were acting in good faith on behalf of the actual owner of the laptop. They had no idea that she wasn't the one who stole the laptop. So them collecting documents and pictures of her, the user of the laptop, is all within the scope of finding out who is using the stolen laptop that is probably the thief and where the laptop is. Why isn't she suing her ISP for telling the police that she was the one with that IP at that time so that is where the police needed to go look? Unless the laptop had built in GPS the ISP had to tell the police exactly where the laptop was being using . There isn't some magic thing that automatically tells you the exact GPS location of every assigned IP address.

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