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Comment Re:Experience with Tesla (Score 1) 259

It's good to hear a detailed first-hand account of someone dealing with Tesla. They've always seemed to be a company who would go above and beyond to give top-notch customer service. It's good to see that's true. Once they get a model that's more in line with a normal sedan price (their current low-end models are still a bit pricey) I'd definitely (strongly) consider purchasing one.

Comment Re:I doubt it was innocent mistake (Score 1) 485

I didn't say that they should ban normal ads. Tess Holliday and her HAES ( followers are telling people being obese is okay and that science is wrong; you can't lose weight and 400+ lbs might be your "healthy" weight. What they're saying is dangerous and borderline criminal. They shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

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