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Comment Replace Menial Jobs with Specialized Jobs (Score 1) 540

When we replace menial jobs with specialized jobs, those people who are A) too young to have the ability or intelligence to do these new jobs or B) are too stupid to learn will still be pushed out of employability. When we replace the menial jobs, the new jobs generated can't necessarily be filled with the people who were pushed out in the first place. Not everyone is smart enough or determined enough to do anything but flip burgers and say "Hello" at Wal-Mart. Some people are just not useful and at some point either society will decide they don't deserve to be given everything or we pay them to get out of the way.

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 228

Northeast of what? Assuming you mean Northeast US, why? There's not a whole ton of sunlight; you'd probably be better pumping the solar electricity into the grid during the day. Run this type of application where there's less cloud cover and that doesn't need electricity (like deserts) and ship ethanol to where it'd be most useful (aka. fuel production plants).

Comment Android and Samsung (Score 1) 158

I'm a fan of Android as a platform (I really don't like iOS or Apple to be blunt) but I dislike Samsung's "custom" Android and their "security" features that lock down phones and remove consumer choice (Knox and TrustZone). However, the Note brand is not at fault for this Note 7 problem and if they can find the cause or release a new model that doesn't have issues I don't see any reason that ditching a brand that has been one of their most popular phones would be warranted. There's better reasons to not buy Samsung hardware (the hardware isn't one as it's pretty nice in general) and I feel that they handled the recall issue quickly and as best they could.

Comment Re:Experience with Tesla (Score 1) 261

It's good to hear a detailed first-hand account of someone dealing with Tesla. They've always seemed to be a company who would go above and beyond to give top-notch customer service. It's good to see that's true. Once they get a model that's more in line with a normal sedan price (their current low-end models are still a bit pricey) I'd definitely (strongly) consider purchasing one.

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