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Comment Re:I doubt it was innocent mistake (Score 1) 485

I didn't say that they should ban normal ads. Tess Holliday and her HAES ( followers are telling people being obese is okay and that science is wrong; you can't lose weight and 400+ lbs might be your "healthy" weight. What they're saying is dangerous and borderline criminal. They shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

Comment Re:I doubt it was innocent mistake (Score 5, Insightful) 485

They didn't make a mistake; Tess Holliday is obese and tells everyone that its okay. It's not okay, its unhealthy (I know, I'm the same way and know I need to get in shape; I'm not trying to by a hypocrite) it is hard to get back in shape and I don't blame her for being fat but I do blame her and her kind for perpetuating the "healthy at any weight" bullshit on the internet. She's not fat, she's obese; she's unhealthy and allowing her to tell people that it's okay is not okay. I know it's not okay for me to be obese, either, but I'm not telling people that it is.

Facebook, for once, did the right thing the first time; she shouldn't be allowed in an ad just like anorexic models shouldn't be either. Reversing their decision was the mistake.

Comment Re:Frivolous lawsuit (Score 0) 496

Except an 18 year old girl was the one using snapchat and the 55-year-old man's wife is suing them. He wasn't doing anything except driving. The girl that hit him was to blame. Now, should the man's wife be suing the girl instead of snapchat? Probably. However, I wouldn't call this lawsuit frivolous because you think the person who was in the wrong shouldn't be suing over their mistake.

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