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Submission + - Penny Arcade Sells Out (kickstarter.com)

sanosuke001 writes: "Penny Arcade has taken the crowdfunding idea from the other direction; try to fund an existing, and already successful, operation via their fans. With 29 days to go they have already passed their initial goal of $250,000 USD and are on their way to reaching some very interesting stretch goals including new Lookouts and Automata strips, an ad-free penny-arcade.com, revived podcast, and my personal favorite: Jerry Holkins cosplay which will be decided on by the fans.

They will be giving out some pledge goodies like t-shirts, autographed prints, digital versions of their first two books, Stream codes for Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3. For those with deep pockets: promises of twitter following, re-tweeting, an internship for a day, hang-outs with the PA crew, and even a shirt-of-the-month club, just to name a few."


Submission + - Powerful PlayStation 4 'Orbis' Runs Super HD but Hates Used Games (gamenguide.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Sony's next PlayStation, cod name Orbis, is planned for a 2013 holiday season release.

According to video game blog Kotaku, the next-gen Orbis is capable of handling super high definition resolutions of 4096x2160. Unfortunately the new console is rumored to have no backward compatibility for PlayStation 3 titles, meaning no support for used games. Kotaku also revealed some powerful specs for the new console.

"The PS4's GPU in particular, we're told, will be capable of displaying Orbis games at a resolution of up to 4096x2160, which is far in excess of the needs of most current HDTV sets. It'll also be capable of playing 3D games in 1080p (the PS3 could only safely manage 3D at 720p)," wrote Kotaku.

"The specs were very, very vague, but developers are being told to work on a AMD x64 CPU and a AMD Southern Islands GPU."

It also locks games onto PlayStation Network accounts and is only accessible when players are online. Players will have to connect to the PSN in order to bootup the game. Users who try to use a used game will only be able to play a trial version and is given the option of buying a full registered copy.

Sony's new anti-used games concept does not float well with both consumers and retailers. The controversy has already sparked threats from popular video game retailer GameStop. The video game retail chain plan on refusing to sell the next-gen console at stores if Orbis contains the anti-used game system.

All of this are rumors and the Kotaku blog warns that Sony has not confirmed any information and changes could be made.

Submission + - 1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Test Completed (pesn.com) 4

sanosuke001 writes: "Andrea Rossi's E-Cat 1MW Cold Fusion test completed in Italy with 30+ attendees including Professors from the University of Bologna, the Associated Press, NyTeknik, Focus.it, and additional physicists. The test failed to reach the 1 MW load goal, however, reached 479 kWh in looped mode. Some skepticism is still warranted as the prospective customer, although satisfied with the test, remains anonymous. According to an article at Wired (http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2011-10/29/rossi-success), there has been some speculation that the covert customer could be DARPA. Also, the generator used to initialize the E-Cat device was apparently connected for the entirety of the test but assured that its output was turned off. I, for one, have a little hope in this being real but take it with a very large grain of salt."

Submission + - ARM-based Windows Embedded Compact 7 Released (wmpoweruser.com)

suraj.sun writes: Microsoft has announced the official release of their ARM-based embedded OS, Windows Embedded Compact 7, probably better known as Windows CE 7. Windows CE7 will be the core of Windows Phone 7 (or 8), the current version running a combination of Windows CE 6 and 7 to ensure the product reached market on time.

It is widely expected the new features of Windows Embedded CE7 such as DLNA and multi-processor support will also come to Windows Phone soon.

WMPowerUser: http://wmpoweruser.com/windows-embedded-compact-7-now-released/

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