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Comment bloody stupid (Score 2) 97

There is no way to spoof a fingerprint sensor with a 3D printer. It would take extremely precise printing, far better than any 3D printer the local cops are like to have and a very precise fingerprint. And a sensor that has no ability to note discrepancy with living tissue. So I am claiming complete bullshit pretense of far more powers than cops have.

Heck, I have to recalibrate my iThing fingerprint patterns every month or so to get it to recognize the real thing.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 148

They are only trying to protect rent seeking schemes that almost exclusively benefit labels and studios and not actual creators. The goal is to maximize access and further creative while rewarding creators. Anything short of that is simply not good enough and introduces too many negatives including limiting how much benefit we can get from our technology and criminalizing everyone who may attempt to fully utilize the abilities of the technology.

Comment Tit for Tat (Score 1) 765

Many businesses, especially software companies (my main experience) don't give employees any notice before firing them, downsizing, layoffs, etc. So what right do the have to expect notice when the employee is the one that ends it? Why don't they get a bad rep for the abrupt end of the relationship if that is a thing? It also depends on the company. Some companies want people to leave immediately as a general policy when they know for sure they are leaving.

That said I usually give at least two weeks notice when possible and there aren't extenuating circumstances. Sometimes they want that two weeks or more and sometimes they don't.

Comment context (Score 1) 117

In the context of +AC we get a lot more work done in a lot more condensed brain power spaces in all weather but true design for natural cooling or heat dissipation is less valuable in that context. Not surprising. All powerful innovation changes the context and thus what is of relative value compared to what else. So?

Comment Since when can business block competition? (Score 1) 117

Sure fiber on polls threatens other inferior internet solutions. That is why it is mandatory - it is a much better solution to internet access. That it threatens company's business models that offer inferior solutions is irrelevant. Either they offer equally as good solutions or they lose business to the better competitor. That is how a free market should work and how a meritocracy works.

Open Source

Red Hat Launches Ansible-Native Container Workflow Project (helpnetsecurity.com) 35

Orome1 quotes a report from Help Net Security: Red Hat launched Ansible Container under the Ansible project, which provides a simple, powerful, and agent-less open source IT automation framework. Available now as a technology preview, Ansible Container allows for the complete creation of Docker-formatted Linux containers within Ansible Playbooks, eliminating the need to use external tools like Dockerfile or docker-compose. Ansible's modular code base, combined with ease of contribution, and a community of contributors in GitHub, enables the powerful IT automation platform to manage today's infrastructure, but also adapt to new IT needs and DevOps workflows. Help Net Security reports: "The automated container creation and deployment offered by Ansible factor into Red Hat's existing container infrastructure stack, which now includes: A stable, container-centric operating system in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host; An enterprise-grade, Kubernetes- and Docker-native container application platform through Red Hat OpenShift and the recently announced next-generation OpenShift Online public cloud service; Infrastructure management, automation and monitoring across hybrid environments with Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat insights, Red Hat Satellite and Ansible Tower by Red Hat; Massively-scalable private and hybrid cloud architecture for large-scale container deployment through Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Cloud Suite, which also includes Red Hat OpenShift."

Comment Re:Statistically impossible or paid to think lazil (Score 1) 156

That is not the point. Only and idiot would want every piece of content vetted before it could be published and want to experience the huge chill of ISPs and webapps and companies scared stiff of being sued for any and all claims against content as their responsibility. I can't believe there are people in slashdot of all places that don't get this.

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