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Comment Re:True for most "confidential" databases (Score 1) 34

And it's worth noting that it's pretty cheap to get access to a crapload of those databases at once through one crappy web search, and all you need is a business license. Whee! You do have to promise not to misuse the results, but [obviously] nothing technical prevents them from storing and perhaps reselling your data, or misusing it in any other way you can imagine.

Comment Re:Antarctica (Score 1) 394

You need an endless supply of money to keep restocking the base. It is not that it would be insanely expensive to get people there, it will also be insanely expensive to keep them alive.

So? We do lots of less sensible things which are senselessly expensive. Why shouldn't we send people to Mars? Or the Moon, or both. It makes more sense than an iPhone without a miniplug

Comment Re: Racist? (Score 1) 295

Dumbassery like yours is a social construct.
A tiny handful of genes separate us from chimps. Slight changes have huge effects, and those effects are not just related to appearance. If people like you had your fucking way people wouldn't be allowed to ask about race and people would die due to genetic conditions that affect different races more/less.

Fuck your feelings, deal with facts.

Comment Re:Karma is dead on arrival (Score 1) 46

With those foldable propellors it looks a lot more portable too: not just small, but safe to carry around in a backpack or bag without breaking.

Those are the most interesting part of the whole design, and I look forward to being able to buy something similar in a 10 inch prop for not too much money. Right now folding props are expensive.

Comment Re:Certainly the work of heroic Russian hackers . (Score 1) 94

(I couldn't resist - or is anybody here naÃve enough to believe that Mr. Snowden is not being, er, *asked* to help with their efforts in this regard?)

Why would he even be useful in that regard? He accomplished what he accomplished because at the time he had access. Now he doesn't. He's only useful to Russia as a PR symbol.

Comment Re:I do not care a shit about this... (Score 2) 295

Has slashdot become the outlet of political correctness gone wrong and pussies of the world united?

No, it's just the outlet of wrong, since the headline is inflammatory bullshit. The ADL did not declare Pepe to be a hatemonger. They mentioned that some people are making Nazi Pepes, and that some of these are symbols of hate. (Obviously you can make Nazi characters without promoting Nazism, by using them as targets of humor or what have you.)

Isn't pussies of the world united a lesbian film? Talk about V2V

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 3, Insightful) 295

Kinda makes you look stupid going off on that rant, to be honest.

This story makes Slashdot look stupid, if we're being honest. The summary is bullshit. How did it make the front page? Either a bunch of dipshit slashdotters voted it up from the firehose, or a dipshit "editor" promoted it. Either way, it's stupid bullshit that helps make Slashdot grate.

Comment Re:Think of the Hardship! (Score 1) 394

I like it how Elon's opinion of his passengers is so low that he assumes the fact they are going to Mars won't be enough of an attraction for people. He has to make sure that the trip is "really fun" as well.

I'm sad that your value on quality of human life is so low that you don't think making the trip is fun is important. I'm glad that Elon Musk cares more about quality of life than you do, since he's got a much greater impact on the world than you ever will.

Comment Re:The Moon is first (Score 1) 394

Unfortunately, the problems are considerably more difficult,

Well, there's no water. Everything else is easier because there's no weather. The moon and mars both have fine dust that will get into everything, but on mars that dust is driven by the wind.

All the moon buys you is faster transit times, which is only relevant if your need for help can wait for several days.

That's much easier than waiting multiple months.

Comment Re:What's missing (Score 1) 394

I wish this effort all the best, but I think we're going to find that life without stable ecosystems or a magnetosphere is not going to be easy.

Without stable ecosystems: no harder than Antarctica, where it is apparently possible. Without a magnetosphere: you bury your base. So what they need is a backhoe.

Comment Re:Money, money, money (Score 1) 394

It would also seem likely that some time after Musk got his operation running, there would be other operators entering the game. They would be setting up alternative colonies, for their own reasons and with their own goals in mind. It occurs to me that for a competing group, the simplest, least risky and cheapest route would be to NOT start up themselves, but to infiltrate or take over Musk's operation and then gain control of the colony (either by force, commercial shenanigans on Earth or indoctrination of the colonists) once it became self-sufficient.

I loved Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy. Apparently I loved it more than you, since you failed to understand it. It contained an accelerated technology timeline that made such things feasible. In the really real world, a Mars mission will need constant resupply. If someone took over a Mars base, you'd just not send them supplies, and prevent whichever nation took it over from sending them supplies, and they'd all die. Therefore, nobody would launch such a mission, because it would be expensive yet have no returns. They'd benefit more from just sitting back and watching the scientific papers roll out.

Comment Re:Antarctica (Score 1) 394

Living conditions in Mars are closest to Antarctica on earth, and if you read about life in McMurdo Station it isn't pleasant.

They're much worse on Mars, where stepping outside will kill you quick, fast, and in a hurry. But that's fairly irrelevant. Some people do fine at McMurdo.

Additionally you can read about the large amount of supplies that are required every year to keep the base going.

You can't just fire and forget. It will take additional supply missions. So?

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