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Comment Those who do not study history.... (Score 5, Informative) 343

Remember how Hitler was able to suspend civil liberties in Germany? On February 27, 1933 Reichstag building was burned, which found to be an arson. This led Hitler to accuse communists of the terrorism, and he got Hinderburg to pass an emergency decree to suspend civil liberties. Of course, Germany was in shock and most of the smart educated Germans really thought that this action would protect them from the terrorist threat of communists and anarchists.
That's how Hitler was able to come to power. He came on the power of the fear of the masses, willing to suspend their civil liberties in return for security.

Comment Re:Not anti-immigrant (Score 1) 418

This particular individual is anti-immigrant, but more precisely he belongs to anti-globalization camp. He believes in the left-wing philosophy that USA is the most evil entity in the world, who drives the world capital to itself by promoting mass immigration to the nations in Europe and driving the living wages down over there. Quite wacky and pretty much what I would expect from anti-globalists.

Comment Slashdot attitudes (Score 0) 894

I can see that lots of people on the Slashdot are quick to mock the Pope and his Mother (ex.: go ahead, punch me, big guy!!!).
Is it coming from this generation's cultural trend of unrestricted expression due to lack of consequences behind that keyboard and monitor of yours? You would not be so quick to talk about anyone's mother to their face, right, computer generals? Because most likely you will get punch in the face.

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