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Submission + - Kindle 3 becomes best-selling Amazon product ever 1

destinyland writes: Amazon announced that their new Kindle has become the best-selling product in the company's history, in just four months after the product was released. The new Kindle 3 has surpassed sales of the last book in the Harry Potter series in 2007, Harry Potter and the Deathly Gallows, leading one Kindle blogger to speculate that Amazon has inadvertently revealed the Kindle's total sales figures. Earlier this month Bloomberg reported that Amazon projected sales of 8 million Kindles for 2010, attributing the statistic to "two people who are aware of the company's sales projections." It turns out that's also close to Amazon's estimates sales for the last Harry Potter book.

Submission + - FCC says US broadcasters play no RIAA music ( 1

Death Metal writes: "U.S. regulators have launched an inquiry into whether certain broadcasters are refusing to air the music of artists who demand to be paid when their songs are played on the radio.

The coalition, called musicFIRST, also said in the petition that some broadcasters are refusing to run advertisements that support the legislation.

MusicFIRST, which includes the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), said artists whose songs are played on the Internet and satellite radios are compensated."

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