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Submission + - Tired of telemarketers

sacrilicious writes: I want to eliminate telemarketing calls from my life. I'm on the DoNotCall list but I still receive calls. I pay the telephone co an extra $5/month to block calls without callerID, but telemarketers dodge this by configuring their switches so the telco can't distinguish between "suppressed caller id" vs "old equipment which is incapable of transmitting callerID and so is grandfathered into the whitelist". More simply, telemarketers can simply reveal their callerID... which I can ignore but which still requires me to walk over to a ringing phone. And even if telcos start offering newer packages that filter things in new ways, I'm no longer interested in giving the telcos money for these kinds of things; the telcos just keep finding ways to squeeze yet more money from customers by goading both sides in a never-ending game of one-ups-manship (perfect example: as mentioned above, my telco should block non-ID'd calls originating on old hardware, but they don't). So I envision a technological solution to this problem in the form of some kind of hardware that triages calls before I ever hear the phone ring, passing whitelisted numbers through while handling non-whitelisted numbers in various ways... perhaps making the caller hit a key combination to get through, or sending them straight to voicemail, or having them say their name and then ringing only the name through to me for approval, there are many possibilities. I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this, so in terms of software I'd ideally like a system where I configure it by scripting things, rather than by compiling things; more generally, solutions that require more than a few hours of my time are not interesting to me. In terms of hardware, I'd like to either buy a prefab system or assemble a simple set of hardware components that get up and running without major fiddling. What solutions or starting points can anyone recommend?

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