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Comment Re:Enhanced Pat Down (Score 1) 228

I fly regularly and opt out any time I can't steer myself into a metal detector line. Usually I have a brief wait for a 'male assist' and am then escorted to the edge of the screening area for my pat down, all the while my carry-on baggage is sitting on the conveyor belt 50 feet away where anyone could walk off with it. Awesome.

Comment phone is fine, it's the wonky developer experience (Score 1) 1027

I've had a WP7 since its release and functionally it does everything I want. the Metro UI makes sense to me on the phone, and I love managed code, but the API exposed to developers is schizophrenic. Take for example audio playback:

I want to write a media player. I can easily play music from my phone's music collection, awesome! But only when my app is running. See, you can't create a new playlist programatically (for "security" reasons), and you can't queue up more than one song, so when your app gets tombstoned, the currently playing track will finish out its remaining time and then your media experience ends.

But wait, new in 7.5 is the BackgroundAudioPlayer that persists when your app is terminated. Awesome! Except that it can't actually read from your media collection. WTF? It can only play streaming audio or songs from your app's private local storage. And no, you can't copy songs from your media collection to your app's local storage, because as we all know, that would be theft. From yourself, or something.

I don't understand how features like this get green-lit in such a half-assed way, but it drives me nuts. I haven't done any Android or iOS development though so I can't compare the experience.

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