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Comment Re:What comes to your mind ... (Score 3, Informative) 131

On the one hand, duh. On the other hand, the binary download of emacs 25.1 for windows weighs in at ~60MB. Atom for windows around 90MB. Intellij IDEA community for windows: 345MB. emacs isn't really a text editor... it's an IDE. it's still VERY lean by that standard. Bear in mind too that the other two will proceed to download a bunch of stuff after installation, just to become functional.

Comment Re:JavaScript / python / enterprise env. (Score 2) 331

How do you say stuff like:

In the grand scheme of things, javascript is still a very very young language, especially since ajax and ES5/6 and JIT compilation came along.

with a straight face? Javascript has been an ISO standard since 1997! It's just a few years younger than python FFS.

AJAX is a pattern used within in-browser javascript, having nothing to do with the language itself, and yes, 5/6 look much different than 1.... much like you can't run python 3 code in a python 1 interpreter.

Comment possibly (Score 1) 341

Migrated probably isn't the word. But my company has done some pilot projects from scratch in Node. There are some advantages:

  • Node is usually comparable or better in terms of performance and resource efficiency
  • Node projects seem to get to a MVP state very quickly.
  • The event-driven model is a very good solution to SOME problems.

There are some disadvantages:

  • The number of choices you have for different stack layers can be paralyzing. Example: we had to interface with an MSSQL database. 6 different libraries were evaluated, two were found to meet requirements, one was settled on. A month later a new requirement was added which meant we had to switch.
  • if you are not very careful things can go spectacularly wrong with your dependencies (see: lpad disaster)
  • callback hell is trying to trace a chain of callbacks for debugging. Promises have helped... some.

If developing something new I tend to look for ways that node can be used first, mostly because we're still trying to work out our stable development pipeline about 9 months after it started. Unless it was required I probably wouldn't choose PHP, only because the composer chain has more or less the same pitfalls of NPM, neither PHP nor node has any typing to speak of, and PHP has its rich history of inconsistency still weighing heavily upon it. to get top-notch performance out of it, you've gotta use something like HHVM which is less forgving.

Working with a legacy base, ask yourself: can this self-contained bit be written in node as a bridge to an eventual php-free-future? Does the event model make sense for the problem at hand? Will it incur unnecessary technical debt? If the answers are yes, yes and no... then develop that part in node. No reason to rebuild working PHP parts unless you actually need to rebuild them anyway.

Comment Re: Why not port them to HTML5 to target mobile us (Score 1) 131

The reason people who churn out flash games don't switch to html5 is that they don't know how and don't want to learn. If there was a wealth of second world labor trained on one standardized authoring tool for html5 it would explode. But you still wouldn't see all the old flash games get ported. Those will soon be lost to pixel rot.

Comment Re:Facts (Score 1) 293

Yes, this, uh, adult, reasoned, calmly and rationally stated essay really instills confidence in the maturity and professionalism of the maintainers of this distribution.

It has always struck me that I can't seem to find a critique of systemd that lacks namecalling, cursing or at least one suggestion that Poettering do something that sounds anatomically unfeasable. It's as if the critics are largely middle-schoolers who don't actually have any skin in the game.

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