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Journal Journal: Employee and customer problems come up, some of us are both?

I am an employee for one of the largest banks in the country, recently when calling as a customer I had a chance to butt heads with customer service. When I returned to work the next day my manager and unit manager had received details about the conversation, and a screen shot of my account details. Most of us support our companies by using the service we help to provide, but what do you all do when those situations come into conflict. I am moving my accounts away but what legal options are t

Comment Bills Billions (Score 1) 722

Seems like no matter how much money he has his personality continues to show through, looking for the easiest way to make money, with the least amount of effort. Bill take those billions, and train the millions of poor children in America to run the future, you can afford it, just like you can afford American workers.

Lets build a wall, a thousand feet high all the way around our country, before its diluted in third world status. I am from Arizona and know the devistating effects on economy that these people cause. American workers cost more, we know it, and we deserve it.

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