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Comment Scientific Method (Score 1) 258

I want to see his control group.
What was the bacteria content when he first bought the jeans?
How many other people tried them on before he bought them ?
What did he wash them with initially ?
Did he wear the jean continually for 15 moths, or did he take them off daily?
Where were they stored when not in use? This experiment can only be valid if they were stored nightly, scrunched up in a ball on the floor of an un vacuumed dorm room.

Comment Re:I can't be the only one (Score 1) 450

Actually one of the real underlying problems is overpopulation. The other problem is a lack of organization amongst the environmentalists. Ask a random person and they will agree with your position Kim. However, the people who get heard the most are the people who scream the loudest. The people who scream the loudest are usually the most radical. If you watch any of the shows on the discovery channel, or thew national geographic channel, some of them actually advocate that the world would be better off without humanity. This leads me to believe that the real goal is not to clean up then environment, but to clean up humanity. If there are less people, we will use less resources, and their will be less pollution. As for Al Gore, I have no respect for a man that will not debate anyone. One interesting thing to be aware of is who owns what for land, and what side of the political coin the fall on.

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