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Comment Not Apple's responsibility to police Ireland (Score 0) 478

I don't like Apple, but the idea they fine Apple for an agreement between Apple and IRELAND is bullshit.

It's not Apple's job to ensure Ireland's offer is in conformance with EU policy. That's it. It's a company's duty to its shareholders to legally reduce its tax burden; by making an agreement with a GOVERNMENT, they fulfilled their role completely.

Of course, it's far /easier/ for the EU to try to punish Apple, as they really don't want to engender any more centrifugal forces in the EU right now by whomping Ireland with a $15bn invoice.

Comment Seriously, we have the government we deserve (Score 2, Insightful) 311

Russia has INVADED and IS OCCUPYING a neighboring country (one they laughingly signed a note to protect, no less).
China is essentially playing Age of Empires 2 in the South China sea, grabbing territory by building watchtowers and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks.
The EU is disintegrating as people start to realize manually bolting countries together doesn't actually make them act like a single country.
Our economy is a sham based on completely phony numbers, contrived to enrich a tiny cadre of elites that drift in and out of power (always making more money with each step) like minglers at a garden party.
Our media is essentially a giant cumrag, soaked and dripping with the lowest-common-denominator vulgarity and venality.
We have one candidate for president that is a COMPLETE ASS and a know nothing buffoon who's like a cartoon character of himself, while the other candidate is corrupt to the very soul of her being, if she HAD a soul.

And what we're worrying about is whether films fairly represent women?

Where the fuck are the Visigoths to come climbing over OUR walls? Seriously, it's about time. If Rome was like this near the end, they probably welcomed it.

Comment Re:Self-inflicted (Score 3, Insightful) 76

Yes, and those idiot's votes count the same as yours and mind. It is amazing how many people "me too" jump on some bullshit I've already proven to be false a few times before. Hoax is the poisoning of the mind for people too stupid to do their own thinking and prefer their news in a 600x600 image square. Whoever controls these drones, controls the vote, because they are half the population.

Or to paraphrase George Carlin, think about how stupid the average person is, then remember that half the population is dumber than they are.

Comment Or the other reason.... (Score 3, Informative) 446

The fact the whole state is a river flood plain and only stupid people build homes in a river flood plain?

Global warming may have cause the weather pattern changes, but it does not change the fact that if you build in the low lands, you have to expect flooding because it will absolutely happen with a 100% guarantee.

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 348

To be clear:
1) I think the gathering of handles like this is stupid, egregious, ridiculous, and a host of other adjectives. Suffice to say I think it's a bad idea.
2) that said, I think you grossly overestimate the US's need for, and concern about, tourists. Certainly there IS a tourism industry here, and it makes good $ and incomes for lots of people. But most Americans to this day don't even have a passport. The US, with its domestic market of 300 million mostly-wealthy people, ultimately doesn't care that much if foreign tourists don't come.

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