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Journal Journal: OK, so it's not that hard

Hell, using a "How to Get Into Law School" book is an easy way to write your personal statement. Tell you the truth, that took much less time than I though it would. My dad said "Wow," but we'll see how the school's think of it in a couple months. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
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Journal Journal: Damn this is hard.

I've been trying to write my personal statement for admission to law school for the last several hours, and just now have a first draft. Ugh! Aweful. But, it's the last step I have to take before I submit my applications ... should be fun to see who accepts.
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Journal Journal: Finally Registered

After months of reading Slashdot (and a few Anonymous Coward comments) I finally decided to register. I love this site, being a closet nerd and all. Perhaps some day, if I can no longer ignore advertisements on the Internet (it's so easy, isn't it?) I'll pay my subscription fee. In the mean time, I would like to thank everyone who makes Slashdot a great place to waste a few minutes every day.

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